Seattle Waterfront...

We headed over to Bellevue for another eye appointment for Delaney, so obviously we try and make it a fun day trip for the whole family. We decided to head to downtown Seattle and also the waterfront with the girls. I have great memories of Seattle from back in the day and it's important for me and Brittany to expose the girls to as much as we can just to show them how big and different the world can be beyond Kittitas. Oh, by the way, Delaney's eyes have significantly improved with this new method of patching her eye to strengthen her sight. Her vision is much better and Brittany, Dr. Preston and I were thrilled, as was Delaney. What was another great victory is her comprehension of letters and numbers. Delaney's known her alphabet for quite a while (and Adelyn is certanly getting most of it) but her ability to identify letters and numbers has exploded and that was on full display during many tests for her eye exam. So proud!

Delaney happily poses for the camera. Adelyn was not in a mood to sit still this day, which was fine with us, but certainly interesting when it came to picture time.

Beautiful scenery...of my girls. Once again, thanks Adelyn for a wonderful photo of the back of your head!

Delaney really wanted to take pictures and we were thinking, "New camera, surrounded by water, camera strap not on your wrist...sure, go ahead." Not a bad picture at all. Of course the coolest part of the photo is Adelyn jumping into the frame for her first smile on camera of the day.

There we go, just the two of us...

Addy Bear


We hiked up the hill to the Pike Place Market and showed the girls the world famous fish market, home of the flying fish. I've seen this a handful of times, but the girls hadn't. Not only did we get to see the fish fly in the air, but...

...they threw it right in front of Adelyn and Brittany. Not many people can say they've been that close to the action and Addy gets to do it on her first try. You can't see it, but the guy is actually catching a 10 pound Copper River King Salmon. They were going for $40 a pound. That was an expensive fish.

I was in food heaven here. Fish, crab, shellfish...

...and a rainbow of produce.
Hopefully the girls remember things like this. Of course, there's more to Seattle than the waterfront and Pike Place, but there was a limited window of time for us. Many more visits to come I hope.


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