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Road trippin' through Washington, Idaho and Montana...

This is Jon. While we usually head to Great Falls, Montana, to see Zach in March, this year we held off until last weekend since it was his graduation. Usually we have a short period of time to fit in an eight-hour drive, enjoy a day and drive back, but this time around we took an extra day, stopped at a few sights and it was more laid back.

An hour into the trip, all is well. My three girls are great road trippers. They enjoy the car, enjoy the sights and don't lose patience with each other. That's just good parenting.

Snake in the grass at a rest area in eastern Washington. Addy found it and Delaney wanted to hold it. I said no to that.

Stopping at Lookout Pass in Idaho. Long time ago a slide changed the landscape there. Really interesting to see, something we usually drive by at 70 mph.

50,000 Silver Dollar Casino. I remember coming here as a kid a long time ago and it looked the same with wall-to-wall silver dollars. There are more than 60,000 silver dollars now.

In the three p…