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A round of applause for my wifey.........

So the big news in the Kittitas Guddat Estates today was the fact that my wife, Brittany Guddat, now needs to be addressed as Mrs. Treasurer or Madame Boardmember. Yes, Brittany is now the Treasurer of the Kittitas Parent Group. She was an attractive candidate because...........well, she's attractive, but also because with Delaney being in kindergarten this year, Brittany was going to be around for a few years.

The Kittitas Parent Group helps raise funds to cover the costs that state funding does not - for example, field trips - through bingo nights and other efforts.

I want to help out with the Parent Group as well, but when I walked into the meeting, I felt about as uncomfortable as a dude walking into the all-women's club "Curves". Everything stopped, talking ceased and all heads turned in my direction. I took that cue to wave to my wife, turn around, flex my biceps slightly and leave the room.

When Mommy's sick and Daddy's in charge...

...this happens...
Addy is potty training (quite successfully and very quickly I might add) so she's pretty much pantsless 24/7. She doesn't usually wear Brittany's boots, though.
That's Addy again, wearing Delaney's wicked witch hat. Don't know where she got it.
Delaney and her sunflower she's been growing since the last few days of school. It finally bloomed at the beginning of this week...and Delaney's wearing Mommy's boots now.

Advantage Dirt Contractors learn a few more lessons...

This is Jon. Saturday was the official start of the season for the Kittitas Valley Junior Soccer Association and with two games on the schedule, the Advantage Dirt Contractors were hoping to erase the memory of an 0-3 record from last week's didn't happen. We took another two losses, 4-1 and 4-2.
Cute lil' Delaney in full uniform.
I'm trying to rally the troops before game one. In the background in pink is Matti's little sister. I'm told she's pretty studly athletic and I'm thinking about forging her birth certificate so I can slap on a jersey.
Delaney in action. Matti is clearly in awe, that's why she's not moving. To her right is Jake.
To say Delaney's been difficult and not receptive to my coaching is an understatement. On Tuesday, she was being a bear and I had to remove her from practice, much to the delight of my wonderful wife who had to take her home, kicking and screaming. I was trying to catiously correct her on Saturday …

Jon visits the Pendleton Round Up

This is Jon. Last year was my first year to take in the Pendleton Round Up and Brittany and I had press passes for this year, its 100th anniversary. Due to some scheduling mixups, Brittany couldn't make it, but I decided to make the trip Friday morning. I'm glad I did. I missed my co-pilot big time, but I'm glad I got to see a favorite rodeo on its 100th year.
Me, right before the start of the rodeo. I went as press and while I was picking up my press packet and ID, I noticed that the press office was the same as last year: Food, water, Coors, Coors Light (sponsors of Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) and Pendleton Whisky were available in the fridge. They treat their media right!
Pendleton's Grand Entry is small in comparison to Ellensburg's, however, it's pretty powerful. As the start nears, the murmur from the fans in attendance grows into a frenzy and as soon as the clock on the scoreboard in the background hits 1:15 in the afternoon, a huge cannon boom…

Some random videos I never posted for some reason...

This is Jon. Here are some videos from May when John and Delaney brought down the house after finding a karaoke site online.

Below are scenes from Missy's wedding last week...

Melissa and William's wedding...

This is Jon. Saturday was an absolute blast. The Haggerty and Carter family put on a great show in honor of Melissa and William's wedding. Our two little princesses were flower girls for the big event and they were ecstatic to be a part of the day. 
My beautiful girls beforehand. They hung out in the bride's room with the rest of the bridal party.
As Missy poses in the background, cousin Stephanie, the maid of honor, cuddled with the girls. This is a great photo of the three of them!
Blushing bride with a blushing flower girl...
Her smile just lights up a room!
Delaney loving every minute of being pampered by her lil' sissy.
Brittany obviously wore something different for the wedding, but she was in comfortable clothes as she helped Missy and the bridesmaids get ready for the big day.
So Addy Bear looks pretty cute on the end, but this was the most cooperative she would be during the photos. Kind of frustrating during picture time, but oh well. William in the middle doesn't s…

Advantage Dirt Contractors get a few moral victories...

No pictures to show you as the camera was at Missy's wedding, but the U-6 Advantage Dirt Contractors ended up going 0-3 during the jamboree and because of that, the head coach (me) is on the hot seat.

We lost to Thorp Fruit 3-1 Williams Florist 4-1 and Napa Auto 1-0. We actually scored twice against Williams Florist, but that counted for the Floral Fighters since it was in our own goal. Great kick though.

Technically no scores are kept in the coed U-6 rec league, but I'm a guy and guys know who wins and loses. We didn't discuss that at all. High fives all around and lots of cheering during all three games. Kids had fun, very tired (a few of them flat out laid down on the field during the game) and ready to go for next week's slate of games.

Advantage Dirt Contractors practicing up!

This is Jon. Yesterday was the first practice of the Advantage Dirt Contractors U-6 coed soccer team. Three boys and three girls. Delaney is on the team as well as her Dad, which is something that I wanted to help out with, but wasn't sure I was up to expectation as head coach. I still am not sure of my coaching ability, but I'm hooked. It's awesome.
I'm clearly motivating the right way, here. Nathan and Matti are enthralled so much they're looking the other way. I'm in my comfort zone, though, since this is the same reaction to my management techniques at the office.
Coach: Alright! We're going to warm up with a lap around the field! Matti, Mackenzie and Delaney: Nope, we're going in our clubhouse. Coach: Silence as they do just that.
This is me and Nathan...and no one else in the general vicinity. They were all on the slide, which is just out of the range of this photo. The dude in the red is Brent Huppert, who is on the Ellensburg Rodeo Board, so obviousl…

Delaney's first day of school!

This is Jon. Huge day for the K-Town Guddats today. It was Delaney Rae's first day of kindergarten! We've been looking forward to this for a long time, as has Delaney herself. Luckily we had a dry run of things on Tuesday with an open house, which helped make today a bit easier for her (and probably Mom and Dad). We're beyond proud of our big little girl. She did so well!
Delaney checking out her new outfit in front of the mirror.
Delaney's proud little sister, Adelyn Blair wanted to pose with her. Yes, both are wearing backpacks and, yes, only one is going to school.
In honor of Delaney's choice of tennis shoes, I wore my black Chuck's too.
Walking to school, which is a block away, with Adelyn leading the way.
Getting on the campus. Depending on what time kids get there, they are probably playing out in the playground for 5-15 minutes before school starts.
Delaney hanging up her coat right above her nametag, with her friend Ariana (from Head Start last year) right n…