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Delaney's New Glasses

Delaney got a new pair of glasses. She had pink ones that always hurt her ears, so these are her new brown ones that we tell her match her pretty hair! (Anything to get her to wear them) As you may guess Delaney is not the best wearer and it is a daily challenge to keep them on, not to mention the fact that they are somewhat flimsy so we worry about her breaking them. What is most amusing to me is that her baby sister keeps hers on SO much better than she does! Anyway the point of this post is that they are new and cute so enjoy the pics!

Adelyn's got glasses!

Adelyn got her first pair of glasses yesterday. They are a shiny pink metal and the arms wrap around her little ears. They make her little eyes look gigantic, but so adorable! She has done very well with them and has hardly taken them off or messed with them at all. She likes looking at herself in the mirror with them on and starts giggling every time. The eye clinic where we got them was a little concerned of her reaction considereing how beastly her big sister reacted and continues to do so. She was so cute though she just sat there and let them put them on and adjust them. She just cooed and giggled the whole time. She needs the glasses because she has a slight turning of her left eye that are they hoping to correct with lenses instead needing more serious intervention like surgery. Considering her genes I guess we shouldn't be surprised, just another member of the 4-eyes family!

Addy's Rocking Chair

My Mom got Adelyn a rocking chair for Christmas and boy does she love that chair! It was like that rocker was perfectly made for this little princess and she rules on the throne. My Mom has one at her house that the girls have always played with that used to be mine, so she thought Addy might like one too. She scores five stars on this gift for sure.