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This is what happens when I'm in charge...

This is Jon. I'm on vacation this week. It's been great to give Brittany some much deserved down time and be able to hang out with the girls. Some might question my parenting, but one person who won't is my four year old, as Adelyn constructed a pile of pillows and blankets (she called it her "jump pile")to soften the blow of diving off chairs and the couch. Every jump includes the word geronimo, which she pronounces, "GERBONIBO!!!!!!" Very cute and fun. She's a little bit crazy. She also just fell off the bed while sleeping (at 10:30 this evening) and within 10 seconds was back in bed snoozing again. The pictures of GERBONIBO below speak for themselves...

Outdoors with my girls...

This is Jon. As the weather turned cold (and stays that way) my three girls have wanted to venture outside more. It's been really fun to see the girls bundle up and explore or at least get out and have fun. The pics below are from the last couple of months.

Me and the girls on our Christmas Eve hike around the Yakima River and Umtanum creek.

It was cold enough that the ice over the creek was pretty solid. Of course we didn't know that until the girls had decided to get a little adventerous.

The girls in Seattle. Visiting Grandpa Jeff around the Downtown Seattle area.

Exploring the Yakima River around E-burg.

Getting crazy on the sleds on top of Craig's Hill in E-burg.

I was on the business end of a horrific crash on a pretty aggressive sledding run. There was a jump on the end of it that I was planning on hitting a lot better than I did. Luckily the left side of my face broke my fall.

The Ellensburg Rodeo arena from the top of Craig's Hill.

A little bit of Christmas

This is Jon. As you can see, I've jumping around the seasons with the blog. I've finally uploaded a few of Delaney's school Christmas pictures and a video.

Delaney's Cheerleading Video!

Catching up with y'all again...

This is Jon. It seems as though the free time to blog is non-existent. Here's a quick update of the last month or so. Grandma Debbie made the girls jewelery and they wear it non-stop. The girls were striking so many poses that it was difficult to get them to stand still and look at the camera. I think it's better this way anyway. Delaney was a junior Kittitas cheerleader as a kindergartner last year and jumped at the chance of doing it again this year. Adelyn was super proud of her sister. My three cheerleaders...