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Father's Day!

This is Jon. Spent all day Sunday with the family either at home and at Dad and Sharon's house last weekend for Father's Day.

My girls chillin' in paradise, otherwise known as my parents' backyard.

Exploring in the wetlands in the backyard with the girls...

Dad on the phone talking to Jerrod in the top of the photo while the girls are looking for bugs.

My little explorers!

What's cuter? Preston...or Grandpa Harold thrilled with booze for a Father's Day gift?

Great smiles from both ladies...

Playing with Preston in the family room.

Yeah, none of us are looking at this camera, but this is the best of the 20 we took, trust me, although we're laughing in every one of them.

It doesn't get much better than this, I'll tell you that right now.

My cuties...

Fun in the big city...

You can definitely tell that summer is here as the girls are out and about much more and there has been plenty to do around the county.

A really cool thing in Ellensburg about a week and a half ago was "Touch A Truck" where police cars, fire engines, PUD vehicles, cranes and things were in this huge parking lot and kids just went and explored each of them. Really cool I thought, but unfortunately I was slaving away at the office. The girls had a good time, though.

Adelyn wearing the headphones in the fire truck.

The City of Kittitas held an open house for their new city hall remodel (pretty big time in our little municipality). BBQ, jumpy house, music and face painting.

We also went to the Old Mill Country Store's carnival where animals were on display. These are what I believe to be Shetland ponies. Pretty cool.

Delaney loves snakes. Last year at the fair she couldn't stop holding a bunch on display. This time around, this five foot corn snake was in a "look-don'…

Delaney's last day of school!

This is Jon. Delaney's last day of school was the other day and I snapped a few pics of her heading to school like she's always done. As we got closer to the end of the year, she wanted to walk to and from school by herself. She graciously let us join her for her last day as a first grader...

My big girl, leading the way one block down Patrick Ave.

My trio, walking across the playground field on their way to Mrs. K's classroom.

Delaney and Mrs. K. Mrs. K has been teaching at Kittitas for a while now. Delaney has two friends whose dads had Mrs. K back in the day. It's not uncommon to see grown ups walking into her class to drop off their kids and give Mrs. K a hug. Kind of cool actually.

Adelyn's last day of school

This is Jon. Summer is here, which means school is out. We tried to snap up a few pics of the last day of school for each girl...

This wasn't technically Adelyn's last day of school, it was the second-to-last day and the teachers decided all three hours of pre-school would be at the park where the kids just played around, had snacks and had a scavenger hunt, too. The kids are around the picnic table checking out what they're supposed to find.

I thought Adelyn's face was priceless here on the teeter-totter.

Class picture. Mrs. Baker is on the left. Ms. Sue is on the right.

Now that preschool is all done, this is a picture of my little kindergartener!

Chillin' at the lake...

This is Jon. Yard work was done, sun was out and we weren't in the mood to stay in the house, so we headed out to People's Pond to soak up the sun on Sunday. It was pretty breezy and that kept the park pretty vacant, so it was like we had the whole place to ourselves.

This bridge is Adelyn's favorite place in the whole world right now. She and I hung out the other day and were walking along and "found" this bridge. She had to show her sister today.

D and Britty soaking up the sun.

Addy - forever the fashionista.

Picture says a thousand words here.

Adelyn snapping a photo of her big sister.

Adelyn is a prancer. She rarely walks flat-footed and instead is either dancing or prancing.

Delaney wanted to jump in the Yakima River, especially after seeing me do it. This was her way of getting pumped up.

Adelyn the supervisor of the river jump.

We didn't get a photo of Delaney jumping in just in case we needed all hands on deck to get her out, but my big girl took the leap int…

Early June photos

This is Jon. On June 1st, Delaney and her classmates headed over to the Woodland Park Zoo for the annual 1st grade field trip. Brittany got to go as a chaperon and I took the day off to spend the day with Adelyn back home. The pictures will speak for themselves...

'Tis the season for car shows with the weather turning more favorable (except for the week long of rain and win this week, but I'm not complaining, I like the rain). As always, there are so many great cars (my personal favorites are Chevelles, and there was a '63, '64, '68 and '70 there, and really well-done sedans that look to be even better than off the showroom floor). Best of the day for me (and probably one of the best ever) was this '59 Chev Bel Air. The paint on this was so good you could see your reflection. What's better was the fact that the thing had a 572 cubic inch powerplant under the hood. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to take more photos, but the girls were getting a bit f…

Delaney showcased at Kittitas Valley Choir Concert

This is Jon. Earlier this year Delaney started singing with the Kittitas Valley Choir and last night was her first performance at the CWU Music Building (which was an impressive music hall). She and her group (Allegros) sang five songs. I know I'm biased, but Brittany and I were impressed with the group which ranged in age from 6 to probably 8. She and the Allegros were one of four different groups to sing, which included an older ensemble (pre-teen through high school), a barbershop group and a women's choir. Some CWU music students also played (including a violin, cello and pianist trio that absolutely brought down the house).
We've been thrilled with Delaney's enthusiasm for singing as both Brittany and I really benefited from music in school.

Delaney at home with her Kittitas Valley Choir shirt.

Adelyn and Mommy enjoying the music. Behind Adelyn are the Boast twins, who spent the evening all dancing together.

The first years being recognized after their performance. I…