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Where else would we be? Rodeo arenas!

This is Jon. More action from the arena for our crew. On Saturday, we watched the Luke Mezich Memorial Team Roping. We sat in some of the best seats in the house, immediately behind the roping chutes. The roping is a big fundraiser for the Sparrow Club, which is huge in helping kids overcome illness and helping families cope. Adelyn perched herself right here for a long time, studying the steers as they waited their turn in the chute. She looked a lot like a roper would, watching his steer and asking around about his tendencies. Sunday morning of Father's Day. Delaney made me a card that looks like a shirt and tie. Adelyn "thumbs up" Guddat approves. We had an early start to the day since we got in the car to head to the Sisters Rodeo right outside of Bend, Oregon. Great road trip. Unlike last year, when there wasn't a cloud in the sky, yesterday was pretty cloudy and overcast, but you can see two of the sister mountains here. "The Biggest Little Show…

More outdoor pics of my girls

This is Jon. As requested more pics of my girls in the great outdoors. Delaney is the resident snake expert. She's always enjoyed them, and lately we've found a couple of ways to entertain her. A couple of months ago, she and I went to a lecture given by a CWU professor discussing his expertise. On Saturday, she took Adelyn and Brittany on a snake search hike with that same professor (and about 20 other people, too). This is who they found. A three foot rattle snake, coiled and chillin'...but very aware of the visitors. And there is Delaney, right up there to inspect and pet the snake...while the expert professor keeps the onlookers safe. Where's Adelyn? At a safe distance. We've taken this hike on Christmas Eve the last few years and it looks very different in June. Cute trail boss.

What's been going on for the family

This is Jon. Here's a few pics from the last couple of weeks. Lake Cle Elum. Me and my three girls took advantage of hot sun, no wind and a great place. Last day of school for the girls. After these pictures were taken Adelyn was officially a second grader in Mrs. Taylor's class and Delaney moved up to fourth grade in Mr. Watkins's class. Dee had Mrs. Taylor for second grade. Mr. Watkins is a coach, so he's all good with me. Spring choir concert for Kittitas Community Children's Choir. Adelyn was all smiles. Another shot of Adds. For some reason Dee wasn't in the posing mood. The both of them in the finale with five different community choirs. Very good performance by the girls.
I am going to miss my hubs this weekend. The girls and I are going to camp!!
I love my husband! That is all :)