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My girls are human fish!

This is Jon. It's been a while since we've put anything on the blog, but I've got a few recent posts up now. The girls just wrapped up their yearly swimming lessons and they love the water. If it's the pool, nearby lakes or the Yakima River, they're in it and prefer it over pretty much anything else this summer. Adelyn and Delaney in the deep end of the pool. For Delaney, she's not too freaked out by the 12-foot depth, but Adelyn wouldn't even let you go if you had her in the four foot area at the beginning of August. Now with supervision, she's chillin' in the deep end with her big sis. Delaney owns the water. With age and a few more practices, she's ahead of Adelyn in terms of expertise. Both have really impressed me and Brittany this summer. Very proud parents!

Summer rodeos 2014!

This is Jon. We continue to travel to a handful of rodeos and events in arenas this summer. Our latest excursions have taken us to Omak, Wash., and Caldwell, Idaho. The Omak trip was just with Daddy and Addy. Omak gets to be around 190 degrees in early August, so Brittany and Delaney said "peace out" and left the trip up to me and Adds. Part of her birthday gift was to go to the Omak Stampede fair where she could ride on rides like this one that I dubbed "Death Spiral". Seriously. It was bad. I saw my life spin before my eyes. I vividly wrote about this ride and my trip with Adelyn in my weekly rodeo column a couple of weeks ago and it's probably the most-commented story I've written in a few years. Me 'n Adds with her $5 snow cone. Yeah, she's fanning herself with her $5 bill she was supposed to use on the snow cone, but she conveniently couldn't find her money when it was time to pay up. I actually think she's beautiful here. Adel…

More summer 2014 pics

My three girls and I hit the links...playing putt putt golf. Adelyn is more of a sweeper with the club, guiding the ball into the hole. Delaney is more of a hit the ball and stomp off when it doesn't do what it's supposed to do. We also hit up the batting cages. All four of us rocked it! I was pleasantly surprised. Yep, we drove 'em like we stole 'em. These are about two miles from my house. 60 acres of sunflowers. It's amazing. Seriously. We've been in the water a lot. We've floated the Yakima a couple of times. Very fun times. We have also have driven in the canyon to jump off the cliffs, which range from a couple of feet to about 30 feet. Adelyn jumps off the two foot part. Delaney likes the five foot part. I go for the higher area. Brittany is the smart one and wades in a pool protected from the current. We all have a great time and the girls aren't afraid of the swift current as long as they know they're OK with me and Brittany. C…

Summer has flown by!

This is Jon. In June and July, we were all on summertime schedule. Plenty of lazy days in the sun. Come August, the schedule has flown by! Just today we turned in Delaney's entry to the fair. I hate to spoil it for everyone, I'm sure she's going to be grand champion. My three girls at the Bonneville Dam Fish Hatchery outside of Portland in mid-July. We were on our way to cousin Katie's wedding and stopped by. My homeboy Herman the Sturgeon. Large 75-year-old fish. Normal pictures are boring. Two reasons why I like this picture: The girls are hugging and Delaney has a look on her face that says, "yep, my sister's a weirdo". Multnomah Falls. It was easily 90+ degrees and the girls were hot. They decided to play in the creek (along with many others) at the foot of the falls. Cutie Adelyn.