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Outdoors with the Guddats

This is Jon. We've been taking advantage of the nice weather. Aside from a couple of days that reached 80 degrees, it hasn't been that great (mostly due to the wind), but good enough to enjoy. Slip n' slide time. The girls were begging to get the slip n' slide out. Despite the clear, sunny weather, it was chilly and Adelyn tapped out after about 15 minutes. I channeled my inner-Jerrod Guddat and had to get a few slides in myself. Jerrod did it during Jayden's first birthday party years ago and the slide wasn't wet enough yet because he got some major skin burns from sliding on dry plastic. It's a memory I enjoy revisiting often. Soap Lake. We were driving to Coulee City for the Last Stand Rodeo and we stopped at Soap Lake to let the girls wade in the water. Very shallow and warm lake with all those minerals (I told them the soapiness of the water was from alien carcasses, to which my wife slapped me on the shoulder for). Adds at the Lake Lenore Cave…

Random shots from the arena

This is Jon. Here are a couple of shots from various rodeo arenas around the area. The girls at a barrel race jackpot in Ellensburg, sportin' the new shades. This hunk just got done doing the annual calf scramble at the CWU rodeo last month. Not only did he lose, but he also lost all four items he bid on during the silent auction. Kind of an o-fer weekend. Delaney and I, perched immediately behind the roping chutes for the famous Ellensburg 5 Header. This is "Guddat's Goulash". Who is Guddat's Goulash? It's a horse I named for the 7th annual Bares and Broncs event a few weeks ago. Every year Daniel Beard Rodeos has fans rename his horses for a day and I wrote a column about how people should go for Guddat's Goulash, which is a recipe that changes every time you cook when you're a broke college student and you just start mixing up whatever ingredients you can find in your cupboards and fridge. Guddat's Goulash took Ellensburg's Orlun Mc…

Easter with the KTown Guddats

This is Jon. It's been about six weeks for an update. Here are a few Easter pictures.