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October recap

This is Jon. We had plenty of fun in October as seen below....... Dad and Sharon came over for Delaney's birthday and we went to the fall festival at a nursery. Delaney made a friend. Thinking about making this our family photo this Christmas. Thoughts? Best friends. Getting lost in the corn maze with Grandpa Jeff. For our 10th anniversary, Brittany made a slideshow with our wedding and honeymoon photos, some trinkets from our honeymoon in Jamaica and JAMAICAN JERK CHICKEN for dinner. I capitalized dinner since that's all I ate morning, noon and night in Jamaica. She didn't use jerk seasoning either. She said it took her two days to prepare the jerk to bake into the chicken. That's love y'all. 10 years! Delaney's birthday gift from Adelyn. Mommy has used them too. Delaney devours books and this one was from Adelyn. Delaney with a homemade pinata, thanks to our next door neighbor Kathleen. Craziness around the pinata. Adelyn in fu…