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Flowers for his Girls!

The other day Jon came home with a nice surprise for his 3 girls. He bought us all our own bouquets of flowers to decorate our rooms. Delaney was so excited because she loves flowers right now and is very happily displaying them in her room. Everytime we walk by Adelyn's she reaches for them and she says ooh, ooh! Mine are in the kitchen and are very festive. It was so sweet and very thoughtful and cute that he got all three of us some!

Spaghetti Time!

It has to be done right? One night when you let your baby go nuts with a plate of spaghetti until there is nothing left but what seems like a whole bushel of tomatoes plastered to them from head to toe. I know my parents did this with my brothers and I've seen pictures of me. We sat there watching her in wonder switching back and forth between cringing and laughter. You'll see by the pics that she thoroughly enjoyed her food and let me tell you that was one orange, herby looking bathtub after she was done with it. Another adventure in the day and life of Addy Bear!

Rodeo Time in Kittitas County!

Every labor day weekend in Kittitas County it's the Ellensburg Rodeo and Kittitas County Fair! Our family decided to get in the spirit at home and donned the cowpoke gear. Most businesses around town dress for the event and Jon was dressed for work like that as well. As soon as Delaney saw him dressed like that she had to get her gear on too! The girls and I went to the fair and we had a great time. They saw lots of animals and Delaney's faves were the piggies. The girls even had their first ride on the carousel, which was so cute to watch. The rodeo was great as usual, and of course, we can't wait until next year already!

Adelyn's One-year pictures

So a couple weekends ago for the cause of preserving a little history we decided to drive 150 miles to get Adelyn's one year pictures taken. I say this a bit sarcastically because well if you are mother of a little one I probably don't even need to explain. Basically put a expensive camera and a cheesy photographer in front of my normally mellow baby and let the waterworks flow. I haven't seen Addy cry that much in a long time. Then add the fact that we were paying too much attention to Adelyn and Delaney got onto the I am going to make my parents cry bandwagon. She smiled exactly once, and Adelyn never smiled as you can see by the photos. We will call these the "solemn" stage and hope we get a smile next time. It's funny me and my Mom always took Delaney when she was little for her photos and Jon never understood why I was in such a bad mood later. I would literally work up a sweat helping the photographer get her to smile, and now that Jon has come to Addy&…