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To use Delaney's words, we "manned up"

This is Jon. We decided to honor our presidents this President's Day by opting against the weatherman's warnings and headed up into the mountains despite the predictions of 3-6 FEET over the next couple of days. Since Mt. Rainier was closed, we opted to go to Blewett Pass (4100 feet) and it was an apocalypse of snow. Brittany decided to stay at the homestead to nurse soreness from a horrific (her words) sledding accident from the previous weekend. We brought our toboggans with us for sledding and there were a couple of good spots, but there was so much snow that it was difficult to keep the toboggans from sinking. Not an exaggeration here. The snow was this deep in some areas as proven by our tour guide. As you can see in most of the pictures, we had blue skies for much of our adventure. But Mother Nature proves she can change quickly and it soon became a windy blizzard in a matter of minutes. Despite Delaney's concern that "we're gonna die, Dad" our sher…

Finally, snow.

This is Jon. We finally got some significant snow. We've been "blessed" with a few dustings of the white stuff, followed by an inch or two here and there. But finally we got some substance with probably eight inches or so a few days ago. Of course, as I write this, the thermometer is on its way to a high of 49 degrees today, so it'll be gone by the end of tomorrow. Disappointing winter, but at least a fun couple of days. And no, we don't cancel or postpone school here. The girls, back from Kids Club at the local church, all decked out in Seahawks Blue for the Super Bowl. Like any place in Washington, Kittitas was gung-ho for the Hawks. Annual cheer camp for the girls. The photos aren't the greatest of them in action, but they had a great time. Taking advantage of the snow, we headed out to Craigs hill that overlooks the rodeo grounds (so it's an awesome place). This was taken after Adelyn had suffered the fate of a couple of ill-advised runs that …