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Mighty Glow Worms end with a win

Well, the soccer season has come to a close for the U7 Co-Ed Glow Worms. Here's a few pictures of the season finale, a dominant 9-3 win. We ended our season with 7 wins, 1 loss and 2 ties. Not bad. Record-wise, my best year in my three-year soccer coaching career...because that's what it's all about, my record. First things first, a quick photo of Delaney with her final birthday gift from Blue Grandma. As you can see, this 10-year old is proudly displaying pierced ears. A picture of Delaney's hands with a newt or salamander she found in the wet grass before Adelyn's soccer game. Delaney is infatuated with animals. She loves snakes and slimy things. She says she wants to be a teacher, but maybe something more specific like a biology teacher or something in animal science. Adelyn and her friend Lauren early in the game. Adelyn - Always smiling during the game, even on throw-in attempts. Adelyn, AGAIN SMILING! She's a cutie. She loves to be out there r…

12 years with my girl...

Happy 12th anniversary to my Brittany! River walk steps from our hotel room patio. Went and saw Flashdance the musical. It rocked.

Delaney hits double digits!

My little Delaney turned 10 today. Can't believe it. Mixing up her cupcakes before last weekend's birthday bonanza. Pizza party with family and friends. Adelyn and Dylan playing air hockey. Dylan's kind of good. Delaney, Alex and Shakina on the air hockey table. Really cute pic of my two girls, Adelyn and Delaney. Adelyn and her friend Elly took a liking to the pool table and spent the better part of an hour.

A crushing defeat for the Glow Worms...

The Mighty Glow Worms suffered their first loss on Saturday, a crushing 6-2 defeat. Well, crushing and demoralizing for their Our record on the season drops to 6-1-2 with one more game left, this weekend's season finale. Adelyn and Tobin on defense on Saturday. You'll notice the kid they're playing against is wearing ski gloves. For crying out loud it was 50 degrees and wasn't raining. When I played soccer as a kid on the west side, it rained every game and was dark. C'mon. Adelyn throwing the ball in to her friend Lauren while Davey watches on the left. Apparently my smiling Adelyn didn't get the memo that soccer is all business with nothing but your competitor face showing. Adelyn, Lauren and Davey hot in pursuit of the ball.

No pics, but a soccer update...

The mighty Glow Worms remain undefeated this fall, winning last week and grudgingly accepting a tie this week. We are 6-0-2 on the season and have two more games the next two Saturdays. Do I hear a final record of 8-0-2 in the near future? I think I do.

The girls are getting so big...

This is Jon. Whether it's cheerleading or moving on up in Girl Scouts, my girls are growing up. Friday night cheerleaders at the high school football game. Cheer clinic in the afternoon and the big show at halftime. Bridging ceremony today, celebrating the girls welcoming new girl scouts and earning a promotion in rank. Adelyn went from a Daisy to a Brownie. Delaney went from Brownie to Junior. Here they are reciting the girl scout pledge. Adelyn looks like she's in a line for a roller coaster at Disneyland. Her friends behind her look like they're waiting for their flu shots. They were in line to walk across the ceremonial bridge to receive their new vests. Delaney in line for her walk across the bridge. Adelyn, Delaney and their good friend Elly.

Road trip to Pullman for the Cougars!

My Wildcats of Central Washington were getting beat on the gridiron, so as that game ended I needed to see another game for another chance at a win. I hopped in the car and road tripped through the Palouse (God's Country) on my way to Pullman to watch the Washington State Cougars take on the Cal Bears. You can't drive through the Palouse without respecting the "Go Cougs" sign in the middle of nowhere. As you drive through the Palouse, there is so much natural beauty and this is one of the few great man-made sights along the trip. Great stadium. Yes, it's the smallest in the Pac12 with a capacity of 36,000 or so, but it's a great old school stadium with new upgrades and a rabid student fan base immediately behind the Cougar bench. Great energy at the stadium. The Cougs are a great offensive team. They put up 59 points on Cal. Unfortunately the Cougs aren't the greatest defensively and Cal put 60 on 'em.

Outdoors with the girls...

This is Jon. Haven't gotten around to posting much beyond Adelyn's soccer games, but here are a few pics of me and the girls in the hills and valleys of Kittitas County. Heading into the hills of Manastash. The goal was to enjoy the day and the scenery, I didn't expect to make it all the way to the top of the ridge. We didn't, and it was still fun. Adelyn brought some binoculars which she used to look at everything, whether she needed the binoculars to see or not. For most of the way up and back down, I chatted with the girls from time to time, but spent much of the hike just listening to them talk and laugh. It's very entertaining and educational to listen to what your kids find important enough to talk about. We found two deer at the end of the hike. They obviously were cool with us since they didn't move. You can make out one of the deer behind the tree. Two weeks ago we went on our annual hike to the Cle Elum River to watch the salmon spawn up the…