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Ocean Shores, year 3...

This is Jon. This has been the third year we as a family have visited Ocean Shores during the Sand and Sawdust Festival last week of June.

We took advantage of a decent breeze on a picture perfect day, flying kites given to us by Grandma Debbie. The girls had a great time with them. We kept them up by anchoring them in the sand under some driftwood. The only problem? Adelyn kicked both kites free twice. After running in the sand frantically trying to catch them (I felt like Rocky Balboa in Rocky III, when he was racing on the beach with Apolo Creed, does anyone know what I'm talking about?...Anyone?). After the second time, we decided to wrap up the kite-flying portion of our schedule.

Just chillin' in the sand on a great day. Soaking up some rays, taking in the sites of world-class sand castles, watching the waves on the beach. Good times.

She looks so cute here.

Not sure what was going on here, but it is funny.

So, you'll notice that there are no pictures of: 1., sand castles…

Time for the zoo!

This is Jon. It's been a few years since Delaney and Brittany have been to the zoo and about 12 years for me. As for Adelyn, she had never visited before last week and both girls were mesmerized by all the animals. Really fun to watch their excitement throughout the day. Both girls started their day with some goat grooming. The goats barely moved, probably due to the extreme relaxation via the grooming brushes wielded by my girls. The tigers were napping, but that didn't seem to faze the girls who were cautious they might somehow get through the glass. We went to the polar bear site twice. The first time two of them were just chillin' on some rocks. We decided to see what was up the second time around and were treated with one of them swimming in the water cooling off. Really fun to see. Addy not scared at all from the idea that she looks somewhat tiny compared to her watery counterparts. My girls, checking out the reef underwater. Guddat family picture.
I guess you c…

Father's Day and big girl beds..........

This is Jon. I've been beind on my blogging the past few weeks, but it's just because like every family starting summer break from school, we've been pretty busy.

My girls spoiling me on father's day.........

We graduated Adelyn from her toddler bed to a full sized bed two weeks ago. Her long legs were cramping the toddler bed so it was time for a change. She immediately took to it. Here, the girls are celebrating I guess with the new addition.

And this is how Addy Bear celebrated later that night.