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Addy's getting better

No photos to share, but after 36 hours in the hospital, Addy Bear looks like she's getting better. The prognosis is recovering from RSV, a respiratory illness that normally affects children ages two and younger.

Earlier this week, I'd say around Tuesday, we could tell Adelyn was starting to get sick, a sniffle here and there, and a cough. But on Wednesday things got worse and Thursday was not good. We decided that if we had another fitful night of sleep, we would take her to the doctor on Friday morning as a phone call to the pediatrician made us worry a bit. After a visit with our doctor, we were admitted to the ER and then admitted as an inpatient a few hours later.

Friday night was another fitful night of sleep hooked up to the IV and taking many tests, but Saturday is noticably better, good enough to potentially go home tonight, as long as the doctors on call see Addy Bear drink plenty of liquids and eat a bit more food. Right now, I'm sitting next to her while she ta…

They are so cute when they sleep...

I rest my case...Just Kidding!!

Delaney's day as a Coyote cheerleader!

Last week the high school cheerleaders in Kittitas sponsored a mini-cheer clinic for the elementary girls. Delaney of course was all over that! She did such a good job and I think was only nervous for a minute and then shined in the spotlight!