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Jon and Brittany at Ocean Shores

With the girls away to a girl scout camping weekend, we decided to head out for a date night before going to Ocean Shores for an overnighter. No joke, we saw a whale. Well, not really, but we saw what we figured was a whale based on the air coming out of a blow hole every few minutes or so. Pretty cool. With as many times I've been to the jetty in Ocean Shores, maybe I've seen something like that before, but it's been a while if I have. I took the time to take a photo of Brittany at a bar in Ocean Shores, right before I put on a clinic on the dart board.

Road trip to Spokane for Logan

This is Jon. Logan was sworn into the Army last Monday and the girls and I took the day to go to Spokane and support him during the swearing in and see him off before basically six months at Ft. Jackson in Columbia, SC. Standing at parade rest in a flag draped room. The commanding officer encouraged photos during the ceremony, but I didn't want to get in the way, so I only took a couple of basic shots.After his ceremony the girls and I went to downtown Spokane's Riverfront Park. We didn't have that much time to move and shake, but hadd a good time with the ducks along the river and playing around in the park.Yes, that is a giant red wagon Radio Flyer that is built like a slide for the girls. My little girls on the Spokane building blocks.KTown Guddats in Spokane.Spokane Falls in the springtime are quite impressive as the snow runoff swells the river quite a bit. Therefor the falls are pretty roaring. 30 minutes from home after a very long day and the girls are the best roa…

More randomness from April

This is Jon. I've been trying to post pictures more often despite the fact that the formating for our blog is a bit off. Easter Egg coloring. To be honest, maybe we pulled a "bad parent card" because we didn't do Easter Eggs until the Tuesday after Easter. Sorry, but the girls still had a good time and they didn't seem to mind that the holiday had already passed. At William and Melissa's baby shower the men were supposed to blow up balloons, put them under their shirts and then bend down and try and tie their shoes without popping the balloon to simulate what it's like to try to do anything while pregnant. Not going to lie, I rocked it. Grandma Sharon and Adelyn playing TicTacToe. Did a little late-season skiing at Snoqualmie last weekend. At this point, I had taken a tumble, so I just set up shop here for a little photo opportunity and some lunch that I always pack in a backpack. Date night with my Brittany. Another booth sale for Girl Scout …