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One more round of birthday pics...

Delaney with her turtleneck sweater dress from Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Jeff.
Adelyn telling a random, wide-ranging story to Grandma Sharon, while Delaney looks like she's heard it all before.
Above and below, Adelyn showing off her jumping talents to Great Grandma Hazel.

Delaney's birthday party with friends

Delaney with her friends: Matti, Julie, Delaney, Kenzie and Addy. There's the spooky baby in the bottom of the photo, too.
Delaney with a skirt from Blue Grandma.........because clearly they didn't spend enough on her a couple of days prior.
Carmel apple time with the crew. Good call by Brittany.
Until the girls started getting hopped up on straight carmel.
They worked off plenty of sugar though.......
Tuckered out Addy after it all. She had to sleep with balloons that night. Don't worry, we watched her closely and took them away once she fell asleep.

Delaney's day...

Wednesday was Delaney's sixth birthday.......wait a second............OK, done getting all emotional. Brittany did some crazy prepping and planning getting ready for Delaney's school birthday, kid birthday and family birthday as well. We were saying how we were going to keep it low-key with just a few friends and such, but it's still amazing how much you have to do to prepare.
The night before DRae's birthday, we make birthday cookies, which were pumpkin-themed cookies on a stick. Pretty cool actually.
Morning of her birthday before school.
Shoogs (Addy) and Boogs (DRae).
Not to be left out, Adelyn shows off her new socks, perfectly matching her outfit!
Birthday girl with her cookies and friends at school.
Birthday card from Grandma Debbie. In classic form, she wrote a secret message on the back...and forgot what it said. We'll never know.
She's just cute.
So is she.
Delaney and her lunch box. I remember when I was a kid that getting hot lunch at school was the cool thi…

Happy Anniversary, Brittany!

Eight years ago, Brittany said "I do!" (and I breathed a sigh of relief!)

Two very cute pictures of me and my bride, taken by Delaney, our budding photographer. Below, however, was the reality that Brittany and I didn't spend our actual anniversary day alone, which was OK, because we got the previous weekend to ourselves. Adelyn had to get in as many shots as she could and it took a few minutes to actually get a shot she wasn't sneaking into.

I was joking the other day about how I vowed to make every anniversay day a "passion-filled day of romance" and clearly the above pictures prove that. I must've made that vow before we had kids!

Jon and Brittany at the Battle in Seattle

Every year Central Washington plays in Seahawks Stadium (I'm not paid by the company that has naming rights to the stadium to say their name, thus, it's Seahawks Stadium until I get a check) every year and the last two years Western Oregon has come to town. Before that, the CWU/Western Washington rivalry was in place, but the liberal administrative whackos in Bellingham decided to get rid of a 100-year old tradition and cut football after 2008. That's another story.
Cutest couple on the field before the game.
Me and Scott Husar (left) and Sammy Henderson on the right. Scott does the stats during the Battle and Sammy is the spotter. I've known both for a long time and have gotten to work with Sammy for about six months out of the year for the last five or six years. We sit side by side each other for every CWU football and men's and women's bball games.
The golden voice on the PA mic. I actually figured I'd look a lot better than this. Brittany must have caugh…

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it...........well, yes I can. The Advantage Dirt Contractors "Mighty Huggers" picked up their first and second wins of the season with a convincing 6-1 victory followed by a hard fought 3-2 decision. Things started off slowly, with McClure Construction scoring the first goal, but then Owen caught fire and scored with abandon. The kid was on fire. No one could stop him. I was really happy for the kids. Technically, there's no scoring tallied, but everybody knows who wins (including the kids, they kept on saying, "Coach, we're winning!"). Honestly, I don't discuss winning or losing, but do a lot of high-fivin' and such.
Delaney and Nathan on the attack. In the background in the red is Owen's mom. Since he scored about a million goals on Saturday, I'm going to have to send her flowers or something.
Planning our attack. Nathan in the foreground, me and Boogs and Owen in the back.
After the game, it was happy kids and celebration.…

Fall is upon us..........

It's getting chilly in K-Town and I took the time to really start getting prepared for the winter. I'm told that up through Christmas should be relatively mild here, but the onslaught of snow and cold temps should come by January. I was tearing down the garden and trimming the trees and lilacs and watched as the girls started taking over the leaves. I didn't even have to bribe them or falsify the "fun" of raking leaves.

So after creating a small leaf pile, the girls decided to try and knock down the remaining apples from the tree (although like the cherry tree, not much was there all summer).
Then climbing the trees was a priority.
About a minute later, Adelyn took an ill-advised dive...

Craft night in Kittitas

This is Jon. Brittany does a good job in keeping the girls creative and active and last Thursday they decided to make door hangers and picture frames. The girls just soaked it up............and soaked our kitchen with glitter, which got transported throughout the house.

Delaney preparing to use her letters for her door hanger.
I thought this picture was really cute.
Not finished or anything, but proudly holding the colors they choose to use.
Three smiling beauties.
Delaney Rae turns six next week, thus the "6" on her door hanger.
Best part about Addy Bear's door hanger? A quick glance makes it look like it says "Addy's Bar". Kind of funny, huh?

Man, we can't catch a break, FIRE THE COACH!

OK, so first things first, I'm having fun and from as far as I can tell, my team is as well, but can we please taste victory once this year?!?! The Advantage Dirt Contractors were looking good to start Saturday morning. We were up 2-0 against Generations of Ellensburg after three minutes of play. Owen was on fire. We were rolling. Then, in a coaching move I will regret for a while, I subbed out my starters and the wheels fell off. Our 2-0 lead quickly evaporated and we lost, 6-2.
Here's Boogs. She's defending an opposing player in game one. Jake and Kenzie are to the right of the pic. It was cold on Saturday as you can tell from the long sleeve shirts and sweat pants. However, the kid with the ball was wearing his jersey under his sweatshirt, which is a no-no according to the by laws. I'm waiting to see if my official dispute with the league to force his team to forfeit will be honored................just joking...........but c'mon! Toughen up, buddy.
So this somwhat …