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Delaney and her friend Megan decorated Cupcakes

Delaney's friend Megan came over to help Delaney celebrate her birthday. They watched movies and best of all decorated cupcakes! They used candy corn, pumpkins, orange icing and cream cheese frosting. They had a great time. Delaney kept poking holes in hers, and Megan stacked candy so high on hers I thought they would tip over! They had so much fun and sugar that megan never wanted to go home, Delaney loved it :)

Delaney and I made cupcakes

Delaney and I made strawberry cupcakes for her birthday and she had a blast! She is a regular little Betty Crocker. The mix smelled so good she kept just standing there and sniffing it, it was so cute! Delaney loves to crack eggs and add them to bowls and I think we only got a tiny shell in the cupckes. She tried to pour the mix into the pans but just kept getting frustrated because she kept spilling. So I just reminded her how she got to frost them the next day with her friend Megan and she was happy again. She loves to bake with me and is always a big help. Her fave part is when they come out of the oven all hot and risen, she says, "yay!"

Grandpa and Grandma came for Delaney's Birthday!

Grandpa Jeff, Grandma Sharon, Great-Grandma Hazel, and Great-Aunt Nita all came to see Delaney and help celebrate her 4th birthday! We went to the CornMaze/Pumpkin Patch in town, it was so much fun! The girls made their way through the corn maze with Grandpa's and Daddy's help, and then they got to each pick their own pumpkins! Delaney got some neat presents and and even a new baby. She was glad that they came, she talked about their visit the rest of the day! It was a great time, we just love the fall and are so glad that Aunt Nita was able to come spend some time with us.

Fun Day with the Family at the Park!

Jon's brother Jerrod was in town a few weeks ago and Jon took a day off and we went to visit him. We took the all the cousins for a picnic to the park by the lake which had a really cool big toy shaped like a boat! We started the day by the crows attacking our food and making off with a whole sandwich, which ,of course, Jon kept claiming was going to give us all bird flu! Then the ducks showed up because we had food and we lost all the kids and well a lot of the food because they kept wanting to feed the ducks! The kids had a blast feeding the ducks, watching them swarm the food and then dive for the next piece. Grandpa picked this park especially for the ducks, so he was glad that they showed up. It was a little chilly, but we had a great family day and always love watching the kids play together.

Curly Sue!

A couple of weeks ago our family was going to the westside to visit Jon's parents and his brother and his family. So Delaney decided she needed to fix her hair special to see Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Sharon and her cousins! So the night before she sat very patiently and let me put soft rollers in her hair. She kept them in her hair all the way to the top of the pass when I finally convinced her to take them out. Her hair turned out beautiful, and she knew it! She was cute posing and bouncing her hair around enjoying the curls bobbing in the air. I love to make her feel special and this was such a simple way to do it and well like I said she's just so darn cute!!!

100 year Celebration Street Fair

Ok. So time to catch up on my bloggin'! The Kittitas Community Church held their 100 year celebration a few weeks ago and the girls and I went to the street fair. They had face painting, a bounce house, and a pie eating contest. Delaney had a blast! She got a ladybug on her face and I could not pry her out of the bouncy house! She even tried eating pie, but once the whipped cream hit her nose she decided she didn't want to get dirty, and took it home to share with everyone instead. We really enjoyed ourselves at the fair and met some very nice people. We have decided to start going to the church and have already found it to be a blessing in our lives.