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Daschunds on Parade

I'm the MC for Ellensburg's Daschunds on Parade. This is my third year hosting it (I really don't do any work...there are many, many volunteers) and there were more than 300 daschunds that were registered for the event, 130 of those raced. Dog races, costume contests and pet tricks were on the agenda. People come from all over the Northwest for this annual event. By the end of the day, I was fried (I know, red hair and pale skin).
D-Rae with her princess doggie.
The Guddats with three Daschunds from the Mendez family.

The girls in attendance.

On your mark, get set, go!

More pictures of all the kids together

This is Jon. Too many pics of the cousins all together, so here are a few more.

They really enjoyed chasing Uncle Rob and sitting him down for play time.

Exploring some of the wildlife in Dad and Sharon's "Park"

Jocey and D-Rae look like twins.

Dan and Angela's Ellie came over for a visit.

Ellie brought Jaxie with her and Jaxie ran around the backyard. We haven't seen a straycat since. Come over anytime Jaxie.

Dad, "John Galt" taking the Jayden and Jeffery around the house.

More pics from Ellensburg

This is Jon. There are more pics from Jerrod and Megan's visit.
Mommies taking a break.

The studs.

The two girls trying to sneak up on their dads (monsters)
who in turn tried to scare them.

Teeter totter buddies.

Adelyn with her typical look of questioning everyone else's actions.

Idaho Guddats visit Ellensburg

This is Jon. Jerrod and Megan and their trio drove through Ellensburg on their way to the West Side the other day and we all decided to have a picnic in the park to break up their drive a bit.
Jocelyn celebrating a ride down the slide.
Grandma playing with the kids.

A family photo of Grandma with the Idaho Guddats. As you can see Delaney couldn't understand why she couldn't be in the picture and started crying. I thought it was cute enough to post on the blog.

KTown Guddats with Grandma.

Grandma with her five angels.

Jon and Brittany

This is Jon. There's always a handful of good photos of me and my girl that I wish we could display. So here you go.
This is after a hard day out in the garden.
The girls weren't in the mood to pose with the parents, I guess.

I know, I make it look dang good.

Beauty and the Beach.

I think she's stunning here.


Here are some random photos of "Big Girl" Delaney
Posing with a rock. I know, weird.
D-Rae riding her trike with her "Strawberry Sheriff" helmet.

Sportin' the do-rag.

Throwing rocks along the Teanaway River.

Addy Bear Bear

This is Jon. I wanted to post some photos of my "little girl" as DRae calls her.
DRae's long been too big for the backpack and Addy Bear is getting there, too.
Adelyn is the queen of the look of question.

We left Addy alone in the kitchen. All of a sudden we realized everything was quiet so we ran into the kitchen to find this.

So cute.

Random springtime photos with the girls

This is Jon. Here are a few photos that we couldn't fit in the blog but wanted to at least share with you all.

Here's the girls on their big toy/swingset.

Eatin' some pizza in their red wagon.

The classic play in the sprinkler to cool off during a warm spring day.

I really like this one because I was taking too long to
get this shot and Delaney made it be known that she was a
bit unhappy about it all.

More pics from San Francisco

This is Jon. I'm finally getting around to posting more pics from our trip to San Francisco in late April. John Mitchell showed us around and we had a blast. These are photos from our first full day. Of course our camera broke, so these are from John's camera.

Memorial Day camping!

This is Jon. We didn't get out to camp once last year, but we decided to head on out this past Memorial Day. We went to a favorite spot out in "the Teanaway" as it's called, to a campground along the Teanaway River. Usually we wade in the river or the pools that form from rock barriers, but the river was rapid with the snow melt and too dangerous to risk with two little girls. But it was still cool to walk along and sit and play near. Addy Bear was mezmerized by the campfire, not afraid of it at all. D-Rae didn't have the patience for s'mores, but enjoyed the fixings separately. Later she decided to share our sleeping bag with me and Brittany and I ended up curled up on the tent floor........awesome. The girls had a blast, but one day was enough for them. Addy Bear wasn't used to walking along trails and in the woods so she fell all the time. We're already planning our next trip sometime soon, maybe the ocean!