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Glow Worms Stay Undefeated!

This is Jon. While our shutout streak ended at two games, the Mighty Glow Worms put together a convincing 10-3 win on Saturday to improve to 5-0-1 on the season. I unfortunately could not coach the game since I had to work, but my assistant coach, Delaney and substitute coach, Brittany filled in nicely. It was a rough game, with one of our players getting drilled in the nose with a soccer ball and displaying a bloody nose that would make a special effects guy on a movie set jealous. He didn't sit on the sidelines very long though. I'm also told there was a thug on the other team, but our players rose above it and ran circles around the punk. Last week, we won 13-0 and I felt bad about that, but despite me switching things up to even the playing field a bit, we still kept scoring. We've outscored teams, 37-6 this season, it's gotta be the coaching. I put Adelyn in as goalie last week, and this was the response I got. Being goalie is not a punishment! C'mon. Brit…

The Glow Worms off to a great start!

This is Jon. I'm coaching soccer again, this time for Adelyn's U7 team. Like always, the first practice or two was centered around skill building and picking a team name. After a few names were considered, the bright yellow jerseys we wore reminded me of the glow worm toys of my childhood and the name stuck. We're the Mighty Glow Worms! In last week's jamboree, we had two wins and a tie. In today's 40-minute game (where my 8 kids were tired after it was all said and done) we put on a show of dominance and won 9-0. The coach's daughter scored two goals, which means Adelyn rewarded herself with a popsicle afterward. I was proud of our team and the team's families who came out in droves to support their kids. My little soccer player. Adelyn in the middle with Payton and Easton. Adelyn on the far right, getting back on defense. Adelyn looks like she's halfway through a belly laugh, but I'd like to think it's the beast inside of her getting r…

More rodeo, of course...

Delaney and I decided to take in the Puyallup Fair and Rodeo. Brittany and Adelyn walked around the fair, while Dee and I took our press passes behind the chutes. That little 9 year old owned the behind the scenes of the rodeo. Checking out the steers for the bulldogging and team roping. Speaking of team roping, Ellensburg's Minor brothers, Brady and Riley, won about $7,100 here, sealing up yet another bid to the National Finals Rodeo. Personally, I think it was due to the good luck Delaney brought to the table. Delaney and rodeo clown JJ Harrison. JJ has been entertaining Ellensburg for the last few years as well. Delaney behind the chutes, like a boss. Dee, with the roughstock chutes immediately behind her. This was taken during the bareback riding. Climbing the fence to get a better view. Family favorite Taylor Jacob. This barrel racer from Texas reset the arena record at the NFR last year in Vegas and almost did it again two nights later. She didn't have too mu…

News from the back 40

As always, it's been trial and error at the ol' Guddat Farm. We kept it simple this year: Corn and pumpkins, in addition to the yearly cherries, apricots and raspberries. Our pumpkin vines have taken over part of our backyard. As of a couple of days ago, we've counted 11 pumpkins, which range from huge and bright orange to small and dark green. We planted our corn a bit late and despite the hot July and August weather, it never really caught up. After months and months of sunshine and watering we're going to have a total of...............6 ears of edible corn. But we have to have corn, so we head out toward Manastash and go to a U-Pick place nestled into the foothills. Great views and great corn.

Back to school!

We just finished our second week of school, so I better post the first day of school pics. My girls, being cute and polite as they pose for pics. A little bit more normal here. Adelyn, jumping right into the first day in Mrs. Taylor's second grade class. Delaney, hanging up her backpack in Mr. Watkins's fourth grade class.

My girls at the Kittitas County Fair and Ellensburg Rodeo

The annual tradition of the Guddat's taking in the fair and rodeo here continued yet again. For me and my bride, this was our 15th straight rodeo. The girls have gone every year in some capacity since they've been born. Delaney entered her picture at the fair. Yep, that's a blue ribbon. BFFs chillin' in line for a ride. Dee and Adds on the hang-glider ride. Best buds. Adelyn after a few too many spinning rides. She was tired and hurtin' and me trying to be helpful and caring didn't help. She wanted to be left alone in the cool shade and soft grass. The girls look way too old in this photo. Guddat Family as we head into the Friday night performance of the Ellensburg Rodeo. Saturday morning Ellensburg Rodeo Parade. The girls represented their Girl Scout Troop and banner holders. Yes, the rumors are true. JIM MITCHELL and Brad Richards went to the Ellensburg Rodeo. Still can't believe it. Jon and Brittany, together in the Ellensburg Rode…