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I need to get back to my blogging!

Here's the past handful of months for the ol' Guddats. The two girls and I had a mid-week day off so we went and took in the culture in Seattle. Snow bunny alert. Taking a break while searching for our Christmas tree up on Blewett Pass. This was taken about two seconds before I took the business end of a couple of bumps down a ravine. This is my, "I'm in pain from the bad bumps, but I'm happy" face. The good thing though was while trying to climb out of the ravine, I found our tree. The bad thing? Trying to get the tree up a ravine. More snow fun with the girls. Taking the neighbors dogs out for a walk in the snow. Visiting Snoqualmie Falls. Testing out the new water backpacks on a hike. Waterfall at the end of Frenchman Coulee. The place is awesome. If you go at different parts of the summer, you'll probably encounter rattlesnakes...that's why we went in February.