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Catching up with y'all

This is Jon. Long story short, I dropped the computer on the kitchen floor. One repair and a new hard drive later, I've got it back. Here is a brief and convoluted run down of the last month or so................. New dress for Delaney for her 7th birthday. Whoa, we're jumping around here. We just got a new ATM at the ol' Wells Fargo and I took some pictures of the instalation process. Pretty cool, but very loud during business hours. I'm pretty happy about it as you can see. Adelyn has to bring a snack to class every so often. Her most recent day was on Halloween. She chose rice crispy treats and Brittany added orange food coloring for the seasonality of it all. Even though Adelyn is frowning and even though it looks like I'm wearing lipstick, I still think it's a cute photo. Back to Halloween things, Delaney dressed up as Fiona from Shrek. Fred Flintstone and Fiona. Delaney went as Fiona, Adelyn dressed up as the donkey from Shrek. The girl…