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Another quick check in...

This is Jon. Lots of action to continue to report for mid-October. This is what 11 happy years looks like. Happy Anniversary to my bride... ...and honestly, this might be better proof of it. I was feeling out for the count on Sunday and Delaney caught Brittany taking care of me. We're pretty low key for birthdays around here. We celebrate them well, we put the birthday girl on a pedestal, but we don't have blown out affairs. Delaney invited a couple of friends, Matti and Sydney, to lunch in Ellensburg, then over to our house for movies, games and playing outside. That's really all they want, which makes me happy that the girls don't need something over the top. The girls are enthralled with Hocus Pocus. Delaney's favorites: White cake, chocolate frosting and hot tamales. My birthday girl! Nine years old! Can't believe it!

Streak continues!

This is Jon. It's gotta be the coaching. Yeah, right. The MidState Co-op Cougars/Huskies/Wildcats/Hounds swept through the weekend for the second straight week, taking 5-3 and 6-2 victories in the Saturday doubleheader in front of out of town family. With Grandpa Jeff, Grandma Sharon and Grandma Debbie looking on (along with season-ticket holders Mommy and Delaney) Adelyn and crew defeated Mark Chmelewski Law Offices and Pearl Care Dental, with Adelyn scoring one goal in the opener. Very proud moment for all of the family. Daddy and Addy getting mentally set for the task at hand. Talking strategy with Adelyn and Ryder before the game. After the doubleheader, Delaney took the family to Gallery One which is still showcasing Delaney's art this month. Very cool to share with everyone. Very proud of Delaney's artistic talent...which she must have gotten from her mother. My girls after the games. Very tired crew after a doubleheader, a gallery walk and lunch with Grandpa…

We're on a winning streak!

This is Jon. After winning our second game a week ago, the Mid State Co-op Cougars/Huskies/Wildcats went 2-0 on the day beating Les Schwab and the Thorp Fruit Stand. We only had four of six players on the day, so substitutions were key for the squad, especially for Adelyn who missed both Thursday and Friday of school with a fever. But she was a trooper as she scored the fourth and decisive goal against Les Schwab to come from behind and win, 4-3. In part two, we held a comfortable lead for much of the game in the 5-3 victory over Thorp Fruit. Two more weeks remain for the Mid State Co-op team, which now has a 8-4-1 record on the season.

Some random September and October photos.........

I seriously have no clue what she's doing here, but she's smiling so all is OK. Adelyn chillin' with some Netflix and headphones. She doesn't always like to watch football with me, but she always loves to sit by me during a game. It's actually one of the highlights of my weekend because the girls cuddle with me on the couch all the time. The girls hanging out with Maggie. And yes, that is Adelyn with pom poms, a cheerleader outfit, a pink purse on her left shoulder and pink high heels. Fort Guddat in the living room! DUDE! I can't believe we saw this guy! It's a Google Street View car, complete with mounted camera. I always told myself that if I had the opportunity, I would put together some crazy antics around this car just in case he was filming for Google Earth and then I would be permanently captured in Google Earth. If you can tell, the dude was probably getting upset with us since Brittany kept snapping photos with a flash right at him. Cut…

Jon and Jon hang out on a wild and crazy Saturday night in T-Town

This is Jon. I got to hang out with Jon on in Jon Bon Jovi. Brittany surprised me with tickets to the Bon Jovi concert as an early 11th anniversary present and it was awesome rocking the Tacoma Dome. Packed house for a great band. J and B before the concert. Another angle of the cutest couple with the calm before the storm behind us. Awesome concert. No opening band, just Bon Jovi rocking for two straight hours. That band can play and Jon Bon Jovi can entertain. He was all over the stage, engaging the entire crowd and must be in great shape because I got tired just watching him and his antics. Happy early anniversary babe! Great gift! Once again you outdo yourself!

An update on the WILDCATS/Cougars/Huskies.........

This is Jon. The MidState Co-op Wildcats (again, another name change this week) got back to their winning ways by going 1-1 on the weekend. Things were initially difficult against Shirtworks when we scored twice on ourselves and lost 4-1. After regrouping and getting refocused on a winning attitude (usually consists of running around and eating snacks) we took it to Brookside Builders for the 5-2 decision to improve our record to 6-4-1. Three weeks of Saturday doubleheaders remain for the Wildcats. The ball must be behind that big red headed blob, but you can see Adelyn in the black tights and pink shorts in defensive position. Yes, her hair is cute and dear ol' Dad did it for her that morning. Daddy and Addy setting up a free kick from the goal line. We're waiting for the team to get set up for another scoring play. Adelyn is ready to head upfield with Bryson and Chelsea close by. We always end each game with a team cheer, team handshakes with the opposition and then …

Our budding artist

Delaney has always doodled, colored and loves to draw. One of her art projects from school was recently selected to be showcased with other art during Ellensburg's monthly "First Friday Art Walk", where local galleries and businesses display art for the month. Included this month was art from students from Ellensburg and Kittitas. Delaney's will be displayed at Gallery One for the month of October. We're very proud and excited. She's always done pretty well in school and this is just another feather in her cap! Delaney and her pastel drawing. Very pretty..........and the art is pretty too. Funny sisters mugging for the camera. Delaney's classmate and friend Maggie was also displayed. Her artwork is immediately above Delaney's.