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We found our Christmas tree!

This is Jon. As we have done five out of the last six years, we've taken to the forest with a saw and a forest pass to stake our claim on a Christmas tree deep in the woods. Usually we don't head out until December, but we were feeling festive a couple of days after Thanksgiving.
We parked across the highway from the Mineral Springs camping area in the Wenatchee National Forest on our way up Blewett Pass on Highway 97. After playing Frogger with the cars and trucks at 60 mph (Addy won) we trekked through the snow. I'm not sure if it's the most snow we've had during our excursion for a tree, but there was plenty on the ground that got very deep the farther away we got from the campground.
Yes, bathroom break. Yes, this is 3 minutes after we started. Yes, I stood there waiting patiently.
The above pic is proof that the girls could not stop eating snow. We weren't discouraging eating the snow, but that's what they did the entire time when they weren't throwin…

Putting up the Christmas lights

This is Jon. For some reason I usually don't embrace the Christmas spirit until after Brittany's birthday in early December (she's 29 in a couple of days, by the way), but this year, I was in full force the day after Thanksgiving despite the fact that it was around 20 degrees (of course it was -5 a few days prior to that).
Me at the start of the masterpiece. I'm in front of Delaney's front window, which is now wrapped in lights as well.
Great form. You can't coach that. Look at that stretch.
Brittany clearly has other things on her mind with a obvious photo of my money maker.
Not realizing Brittany was taking a photo of me from the living room window, I decided to have a less-than-sexy look here.
This pic is already out of date. I've got more lights around the windows to the right of the house and have wrapped the north side windows and eaves (right side of photo) with lights. If the snow melts or I get a little more ambitious, I'll line the roof with light…

Halloween fun for the Guddats!

It's been a few weeks since I've put up any photos, but here's Halloween in Kittitas.
Brittany putting make up on our kitten.
The wicked witch.
My three girls at Haunted Halls at Kittitas High School.
Addy with her pumpkin before the carving begins.
Delaney with the finished product.
You can't really see Adelyn's pumpkin, but her face is so cute.
Picasso with his masterpieces.
The pumpkins weren't really on fire here. I was trying something with the camera and this is the image that came out. It blurred anything bright. At first glance though, it looks as though Addy is running for her life.
Delaney's cute little pumpkin on Halloween morning.
Ready to roll on Haloween night. Fred Flinstone, Adelyn the kitten and Delaney as Dino.
The Guddat Family. Brittany was Raggety Ann.