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Some early November pictures...

Here's a look at some of the last couple of weeks. My two little girl scouts joined their troop to celebrate Veterans during Ellensburg's downtown Veteran's Day Parade. I found the girls looking through their baby books filled with notes, stories and pictures. It was comical to see them react to all the personalized pages and having a difficult time figuring out what baby pic was actually of them. Good weekend activity. Below are a handful of pictures of exploring the Pipe Creek area just below Blewett Pass. Last year Delaney, Adelyn and I found this area while looking for a Christmas tree (Brittany was home mending a recently repaired foot from surgery) and we went to explore it again the other day to identify a few trees suitable to call a Guddat Christmas tree, which we'll probably chop down in early December. I'm telling ya, pay $5 to the US Forest Service, and you get a ton of memories and a tree. Not a bad investment for I think the seventh or eighth y…

Happy Halloween!

This is Jon. We took many great photos of carving pumpkins. About an hour into it, we realized I hadn't put the memory card in, so those photos never made it. Too bad, the girls were great in digging out the guts and carving with me. Oh well. Adelyn with her creation. Two girls and three pumpkins, Mommy's is represented as well. Delaney showing a little pizzazz. Adelyn was a witch this Halloween. And Delaney was the queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland.

Getting into that fall feeling.......

This is Jon. While the summer still tries to stick around (despite being below freezing at night, it's still 60 degrees in the afternoon), it looks like it's finally fall. The leaves have either all turned (or have blanketed our front and back lawn), it's raining more and pumpkin pie and egg nog sound good. We've been doing fall chores around the house. The girls and I made a big leaf pile for them to jump into from our apple tree. Brittany happened to snap a pic of Adelyn falling out of the apple tree, but she bounced back up to take a dive into a softer landing. We headed out to Huffman Farms way out on Wilson Creek Road, which is basically God's Country. It was perfect fall weather: Gray, raining and cold. My girls met up with their girls, but were gracious enough to allow me to still join them. Here we are in the pumpkin patch. Acres of different types of pumpkins. We started the day in a costume contest there, where Adelyn dressed up in her rhino in a tu…

Soccer season finishes with a win!

This is Jon. The MidState Co-Op Cougars/Huskies/Wildcats/Hounds/Green Goblins ended their season with a bang, going 1-1 on the final weekend with the win coming on the last game of the year. We finished with an 11-5-1 record. I was really proud of my team, but especially proud of my little girl Adelyn. She enjoyed playing and I enjoyed watching her successes on the field and watching her make new friends. She still wants to practice, which makes me happy. Adelyn on the run with her teammates. Chillin' in between games with friend Chelsea. Helping Adds try and find a teammate to throw in the ball to. One last team huddle to wrap up the season! I'll admit it, kind of emotional.