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Head coach on the hot seat, but Adelyn scores a goal!

This is Jon. Well, the Mid State Co-op Cougars/Huskies/Wildcats went 0-2 in convincing fashion, losing twice on Saturday (6-1 and 6-2). We were down one player (and he's really good!) as we've succumbed to sickness this week, so rotations were out of sync. We still have a winning record at 5-3-1, but it would be nice to be a bit more competitive as the last three games we've been outscored 18-3. But the good thing is Adelyn scored a goal against the Bananas! (the team has yellow jerseys, an easy team name.) Very proud of her. Also when I would specifically tell her to target one of the players who always had the ball, she played pretty good defense. A silver lining to the day and a very proud moment for dear ol' dad. We've got four more weeks of douleheaders coming up and this week was a forecast of things to come as it was cold, dark, drizzly and very wet on the field...perfect weather for soccer in my opinion. Last year it snowed twice before Halloween, so maybe …

Another garden update...............

This is Jon. We continue to have disappointments in the garden. Lately it's been the fact that we've had such a nice late summer (less than two weeks ago, it was in the high 90s), but we have nothing really to show for it. However, there are glimpses that we should keep plowing away to get ready for next year. My tomatoes are coming in, but there are only five decent ones. My onions had some success, but as you can see below, my Walla Walla Sweets are miniature size. We'll randomly have wildflowers and sunflowers pop up around the backyard and my gladiolas are going to be nice once they get a bit more mature next year and beyond. So all is not lost.

Weekend of Winning stalled

This is Jon. Today was a low point of my coaching career. Going into the weekend, the Mid State Co-op Cougars were 5-0 and looking to add two to the win column. Fate had a different game plan. The Cougars suffered a subpar weekend of coaching, earning a tie (4-4) in game one and losing 6-0 in the second half of the doubleheader. I will admit to being frustrated a bit and it showed in my lack of execution of the plan. I've been so focused on making sure we play as a team and pass as much as we can (it still ends up being a mob of 5 and 6 year olds around a ball) that my team was passing up clear shots and easy looks on the goal in order to pass to a teammate! Great job listening to my coaching, that's the silver lining. At the end of the day, the kids are great and I get to hang out with Adelyn on the pitch every Thursday at practice and every Saturday during the game. Addy and Daddy waiting for our teammates. Sarah on the left, chilling with Adelyn still lounging in the gr…

Quality coaching on display today........

This is Jon. No pictures to display from today's competition, so you'll have to recreate the scenes in your head. The Mid State Co-op "Cougars" picked up two wins on the day to improve to 5-0 on the season. In the opening game, the Cougars bested the Thorp Fruit Stand "Fruitcakes" (seriously, that's what their coach said) 4-3. The game was a bit nerve-wracking for me as it was neck and neck the entire game. We had been focusing quite a bit on teamwork and passing in practice and our Cougar squad ended up passing up shots on goal just so they could pass. Actually kind of funny if you think about it. After a quick break where the kids played with hula hoops (not sure where they came from) and I discussed rodeo with a few dads, the Cougars took it to the Sigle Law Office team. I had it at 9-2, someone else said we beat them 11-2. Either way, the kids were happy. I tried to put in different strategies to slow the game down a bit, but we have a pretty athle…

Soccer season hits Kittitas Valley

This is Jon. Adelyn is playing U6 co-ed soccer this fall and the first round of games were today. The Mid-State Co-op "Cougars" went 3-0 in the jamboree today, winning 3-1, 8-1 and 4-3 on the day (we're not supposed to keep score, and I publicly do not, but we all know who wins and loses). As I did with Delaney, I'm coaching Adelyn's team this year and we've got a good mix of kids and I get along with their parents as well. Daddy and Addy on the way to the game. She was beyond excited, but also admitted to some nerves on the way there. She was very cool on the pitch though once her friends showed up and then again when the games started. Adelyn defending the goal. Very proud moment for Dad/coach. Our team huddle after game 1. I always try to celebrate as much as I can with my team and then also try to coach them up on things we need to work on (usually it's passing and playing together). Of course, once the ball is in play, it's chaos, but still…

Week after rodeo means Jon and Brittany go on outdoor dates...

This is Jon. One of the best things about rodeo week is once it's all said and done and when the girls are off to school, I get to hang out with my best friend for a few days. The weather dictated some of our outdoors activities, but we took advantage of the one consistent good day of weather this week to go out on a favorite hike of ours, Umptanum Falls southwest of Ellensburg.

First day of school!

This is Jon. Like always I take a few days off after rodeo to make sure I get to help the girls get ready for school. It's fun to see them get all excited to see friends and their new teachers. Adelyn has Mrs. K for first grade (as did Delaney) and Delaney has Mrs. Ravet for third grade.

It must be rodeo season in Ellensburg

This is Jon. Summer break in Ellensburg ends with an exclamation point with the Kittitas County Fair, Ellensburg Rodeo and all the hooplah that comes along with it. Adelyn and Delaney with Jason and Utah at a friend's ranch. Every year the WestStar Ranch hosts a Best of the Best roping where the best calf ropers and team ropers compete for a separate jackpot before the Ellensburg Rodeo. This year the purse was $130,000, so it attracts everyone. Yes, the chute looks dirty, but the girls look adorable here. They're also wearing their new boots. At the fair with my girls. They look beautiful. The during and after rides sequences. Both girls got the most out of their ride wristbands. This was a big year for Adelyn because she was able to ride all the big rides. It was a big year for Delaney because she played the role of big sister making sure Adelyn got to experience vomit inducing fun. Friday night Ellensburg Rodeo. Delaney, taking seriously the role of statistician.…

Happy birthday Adelyn!

This is Jon. It's been almost a month since Adelyn's birthday, but I'm just getting around to posting the pics from her birthday. Cousins on top of the backyard slide. Adelyn and Kaia are connected at the hip at times. Adelyn hanging out on the swingset with Delaney and Mia. Opening presents with Mia and Ellie, girl scout buddies. There's Delaney with her sister and fellow girl scout friends. The girls hanging out in Adelyn's room watching the thunder and lightning storm we were having. Kaia is in total mom mode trying to make sense of the messy room.