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Jon puts on a clinic at the CWU Rodeo

This is Jon. Like we've done in so many year's past, the Guddat family took in the CWU rodeo at the Ellensburg Rodeo arena. Great place, great action and cheap entertainment as well. The CWU Rodeo Club usually has some sort of competition for the kids sometime during the weekend. Last year was the Easter Egg hunt since Easter fell on the same weekend as the rodeo. This year was the stick horse race. Initially the girls were hesitant to compete, but they warmed up to the idea after seeing other kids line up. The girls being introduced and interviewed by the rodeo's announcer. Rodeo announcer - add that to the list of Jon's bucket list of professions. Finishing up the stick horse race... My girls, chillin' in the spring sun. Adelyn wore a shirt that said "Cowboy Wanted". Delaney wore "Rodeo Girl". Family photo. This was taken just moments before the calf scramble. It is my feeble attempt to continue to show college kids I'm still boss. I'm 35, t…

Goin' fishin'.........

This is Jon. The little ones and I went to Moses Lake to hang out with Dan McDonald and his two girls, Kate and Ellie. We all went to the fish hatchery outside of town with our bait and poles in hand. This was the first fishing trip for both girls and they learned early on not every trip includes leaving with dinner in hand. The girls had a blast and watched as others successfully cast a line out, but we came up empty handed.

Daddy showing her the ways of fishing...which is ironic since I've fished probably a total of 5 times in my life.

D-Rae all smiles on a great day on the creek.

Addy Bear happily fishing. Not sure if she would've known what to do if she got a bite.

Waiting for action as Ellie's line is in the water.

Easter Sunday with my girls...

This is Jon. My girls were beautiful on Easter Sunday!

The photo is slightly blurry and Delaney is hamming it up, but I love this photo because Adelyn is so content in her sister's grasp and Delaney looks just like her mommy.

So precious!

She looks like a little woman here!

My big, little girl!

The girls took a handful of photos of us, this was the best one of their parents...sorry.

As usual Easter afternoon was spent at Terry and Cheryl Shryack's house in East Valley Yakima. Great food and family conversations which today centered around the exploits of my mother-in-law and her brothers and sisters in school. And like always we spent some time with an Easter egg hunt...I think there are a few that remain in the yard.

Huffin' and puffin' to the next find!

The hair says it all...

Great Uncle Dave and Great Aunt Lisa helping Delaney out.

A more appropriate photo (more appropriate than the last one at least) of the two of us.

Coloring those Easter Eggs!

This is Jon. Here are some photos of dyeing Easter eggs. Always really fun as the girls are different in their methods. Adelyn likes to drop eggs in the dye and let them simmer for a bit. Delaney spends the majority of her time coloring the eggs by hand and then will drop them in the color for a short time.

Only photo of me that was taken by me. I'm finding more often how there are no photos of me, which makes me feel like the absent father.

The egg isn't glowing, it's just the flash.

Brittany writing a secret message on her egg.

Delaney with her details...

Adelyn watching her creations take shape...or color.

Delaney smiling, Adelyn in mid-sentence.

My trio...

The finished products.

Easter egg hunting on the farm...

This is Jon. We took the girls for an Easter egg hunt outside of Ellensburg to 3 Arrows Ranch. Beyond the egg hunt, we kept busy with games like a cupcake hop walk, egg toss and pie eating and spent time with the petting zoo areas, pony rides and feeding the animals. We all had a great time.

We fed all sorts of animals like chickens, calves, steers, cows, rabbits, goats and alpacas. Delaney and Adelyn didn't hesitate at all.

Mommy got right in there, too.

As you can tell from the expressions, feeding livestock by hand isn't the cleanest activity in the world.

This is Alred, a rather huge sheep. He had a sign right next to him saying he's basically a pet on the farm as he's very spoiled.

We thought we were going to have a problem here since Delaney had a difficult time putting down this guinea pig. She could have easily been convinced to take it home. Me? I need way more convincing.

Cute kid.

This rabbit was huge. Very low key, even with many kids running around chasing rabbit…

Matching girls and playing with cousins...

This is Jon. Just a few pics of the family over the last few weeks.

I bought these shirts when I was in Times Square last year. "D" train for Delaney and "A" train for Adelyn.

Another matching shirt day for the girls just yesterday. For some reason, I think my girls are that much cuter when they're wearing matching clothes.

We got a chance to hang out with some of the family with Rob and Misti's visit this week. Not sure why, but our camera's focus was off so all of our photos (and there were some good ones) were blurry. There were a few decent ones that look alright on the blog.

The girls with Preston. This guy is calm and collected and really took a liking to Adelyn.

This week was our first introduction in person with Miles. Direct quote from Adelyn "He's so cute he makes me cry."

The only picture of me and Rob during the day. He and Misti have been all over the place visiting with friends and family this week AND he's been working via cel…