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Kindergarten graduation!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Jon. Wednesday was a big day for Delaney as she graduated from kindergarten wtih her friends. We're very proud of our big girl. We've seen such a improvement in her reading, sight words and her confidence with friends and teachers. First grade is right around the corner!

Both classes (Mrs. O's and Mrs. Paul's classes) graduated together. Close to 60 kids!

Addy, Daddy with the happy graduate!

Proud Mommy!

Delaney's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. O, on the left. Mrs. Bray, on the right, was the classroom assistant

Celebrating afterward with gifts for the graduate!

Delaney is a ROCK climbing STAR!

This is Jon. I missed this one the other day, but Brittany spent time with Delaney's class last Monday when the school brought in a rock wall for the kids. I guess the last week of school is difficult to keep the kids focused and this was a perfect remedy.

Day trip to Palouse Falls

Put Palouse Falls on your bucket list. I first went there when I was 19 and I was mesmerized by the falls. I've always wanted to take my girls there and after a few cancelled trips, we decided today was the day. I always say this, but pictures don't do it justice. The falls are nearly 200 feet tall and are at their mightiest in the springtime. As much as I appreciate nature, there is someone prettier than the falls in this photo! Adelyn didn't quite make the photo. She wasn't in a mood to sit still. Upper falls with my two princesses.