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Annual Christmas Tree hunt

This might be the ninth time in the last 10 years we've gone out into the forest and hunted down our tree. It's cheap, it's fun and every year it's a memorable time. This year was no different. I'd say this is probably just the third time we've headed out into the hills without much snow affecting our search. Mostly just a thick dusting where we were at about 2100 feet of elevation. It's been plenty chilly this November and December, just not much snow. My little loggers at the beginning of the day. All three were bundled up pretty good. It was about 20 degrees at this point, warmed up to probably 25 at the most. Last year it was negative 6 when we went out...which ended up being just me while the girls cranked up the heated seats in the car. Delaney has what I like to call a "slight effort issue" when the going gets tough. Apparently the going got tough 10 minutes into things and she found what she described as this year's tree...all 20 f…

Happy Thanksgiving from the Guddats!

It was last week, but Happy Thanksgiving y'all. We headed over to "The Park" as my parents' house is affectionately called. Three of the five brothers and family were in attendance, so 8 of the 11 cousins got to hang out and play with each other, grandparents and great grandparents, which was great to see. The kids on the bridge with Grandma Sharon. Me with my lady friend. Playing games. I think this one is called headbands. Jerrod rocked it. JJ and Megan really rocked it. The four horsemen watching a bit of football. JD is apparently a Mr. Spock fan? Family photo of the great grandkids with Harold an Ardy. Very fun moment.