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Christmas evening with the Liedtkes

We always spend the morning of Christmas with just our little family and then Brittany's side of the family comes over that evening for another round of food and gift giving and everything that comes with that as well.
The only shot of a clean living room the entire night.
Brittany with her dad, Duane.

Addy Bear explaining to Zach that the girl on her shirt is named, Princess Tiana.

This was supposed to be everyone looking at the camera, only Logan complied.
Addy with two new pieces for her wardrobe.

Yeah, you saw that right. Scene It: Twilight style.

Oh yeah, Easy Bake oven! I'll give anyone $50 on 5-to-1 odds that Jon torches something in the house including his fingers and ego.

Brittany thought it was a great idea to give her mom, Cathy, a really cool brownie baking kit...........obviously Logan did, too.
Cute as can be. Cathy bought all three girls matching zip up hoodies. They love them, as do I.

We ended Christmas with storytime with new pajamas and a new book.

Christmas morning!

OK, so I woke up around 7-ish and got out of bed around 7:30, but c'mon people, no one else got up until I heard Adelyn talking to herself two hours later at 9:30!!! I thought kids were like roosters on Christmas morning where at the first sign of the sun coming up over the horizon, they're up and ready to roll........
Addy Bear very excited to start the day.

Adelyn waltzed right into Delaney's room to calmly wake her up. It took a minute or two.

The girls checking out the crumbs of veggies left by Santa's reindeer from the night before.

Addy got down to business by digging into her stocking.

One year I gave Brittany some cute socks in her stocking. That was seven years ago and I haven't stopped. I guess that's my cute thing on Christmas morning.

Delaney posing with an apron she received. Instead of showing it off, she struck a pose like a movie star on the red carpet.

Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Sharon gave the girls matching "world traveler" suitcases co…

Christmas Eve!

As we complete another year as a family of four, our Christmas traditions have really been like clockwork for us, which has been nice since we can have some sort of schedule during a hectic, but wonderful time.

Hot cocoa time. The personalized mugs are from Grandma Sharon. The cocoa from the "Cocoamotion" we got from the Goodys (Jerrod, Megan and kids). Seriously: pour in milk, add cocoa, hit start and you're good to go in about 5 minutes.

The last couple of years, Delaney has dictated a letter to Santa with Brittany willing and ready to write down every word. This year Delaney talked about how much she's enjoyed school, how much she loves her mommy, daddy and sister and asked a couple of questions about Santa's reindeer. Very cute.

Addy is somewhat into the letter, but at two years old, mostly just wanted to roam around the living room.

I wish I could say this is a photo of mommy listening intently to Adelyn's additions to the letter. It's not. Addy'…

Making Christmas Cookies!

This is Jon. The girls decided to make Christmas cookies, since we needed something to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve. It was messy, hectic and very fun.
The girls were singing much of the time.

Then it got a little crazy. Addy decided that instead of pouring sprinkles on the cookie, she needed to taste test all of them.

Delaney is happy to show off her cookies.....but they're nowhere to be found. Adelyn looks like she's coming down from a bad trip of a sugar high.

Addy decided to clean the kitchen since our floor was covered in sprinkles and frosting. Very nice.

Christmas at Uncle Terry's

This is Jon. Christmas at Brittany's Uncle Terry and Aunt Cheryl's house is always fun. Lots of food, lots of family and the gift exchange contest is a competitive affair. I always look forward to it.
The family has the game Guitar Hero, which is awesome. In fact, they have the Rock Band (I think that's what it's called) with a guitar, bass, drum and karaoke. Here is Brittany, Logan and cousin Emile. I think they were doing so poorly they got booed off the stage and the game automatically ended the song before the ending.
Every year Santa surprises the kids and arrives for gifts, songs and stories. This is a great thing Terry does. I'm almost 33 and I really look forward to this part. As Delaney's gotten older, she's become more willing to get to know Santa. This year was a groundbreaking year for her. We were so proud.

Inititally Addy wasn't quite there, yet. But she warmed up to him.

Addy got so bashful around Santa. She was just beside herself that he c…

Uh........funny ears?!?!

Brittany brought Delaney and Adelyn home from school with these accessories a couple of weeks ago. Delaney's teacher does a great job inviting Addy to come and play during a craft time and they were making these ears. I think they look cute.

They look like little animals hanging out in a tree in the forest.

Christmas dresses..........

This is Jon. We made the annual trip to Brittany's Uncle Terry's Christmas party in Yakima last weekend. Always a great time. The girls were dressed very cutely thanks to their equally cute mommy, so we decided to take a couple of pics.
Matching Christmas dresses for the girls. Made by Blue Grandma (Cathy).
We're kind of matching, too.

Forever my Christmas present!

Guddats! Christmas 2009.

Can't post too may blog pics without a great one of my Brittany!