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The San Francisco Pier

Jon and I spent all day Monday at the piers in San Francisco. We really enjoyed ourselves, there was so much to see! We got to see the seals that sun themselves on the docks next to Pier 39, there must have been like 200 of them. They were so loud and kept slapping each other around, we could have watched them for hours! We also liked also the little shops in Pier 39 including a bath salt place that had different salts in bulk in barrels, they were so fragrant. It was fun to fill your own little bag with each scent and make your own creation. We brought some home for Delaney because she loves her bath to fizz and smell good. We got to see the Boudin's Bakery that is famous for their sourdough bread. You can stand and watch them make bread into animal shapes and such, it's really neat. Fishermans' Wharf was cool because the smell of fish was very prominent like 6 blocks away before we saw the signs or boats or anything. What a very bustling place! I loved watching all the …

Our visit to Alcatraz

On the 24th of April Jon and I flew over to Oakland to visit our brothers John and Logan. Logan was just finishing up motorcycle technician school and we wanted to see it before he came back home. We decided to take in Alcatraz while we were there. Logan and his girlfriend Lyndsey, and Jon and I all spent the afternoon there on Sunday. It was pretty fascinating and eerie at the same time. The whole place practically is crumbling and it is now a national park which is a refuge for many different species of rare birds. It was cool to see solitary confinement and the places where they dropped grenades during a huge prison riot where the prisoners took over. It was a neat experience and a great viewpoint to see San Francisco.