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Now she's a biker!

This is Jon. We've had a bike for Delaney for about 9 months now, but up until the last week or so, she hasn't wanted anything to do with it. We attribute her new interest in the bike to being older and much more confident in herself to try new things. She's picked it up well and since these photos were taken over Memorial Day weekend, she continues to just grab the bike and roll. It's been great to watch.

Last day of school for Delaney!

This is Jon. Thursday was Delaney's last day of Head Start. We can't believe it's already one school year in the books for her. We're so proud of D-Rae! She's improved leaps and bounds in many subjects and in her coordination and confidence. Congrats Delaney!
She wanted to wear something pretty for the last day, so we went with her pink dress and her matching pink butterfly sweater since it's still cold and rainy outside.
Proud Daddy right before a trip to the classroom!
Every month or so, the staff would change the theme of the room, which I thought was really cool. This one is obviously camping and outdoors (you can see a small portion of the tree in the right corner), but they've done a farmer's market, fire station, princess castle... it's really cool to see the change.
D-Rae and Addy Bear in the reading area. To their left is a bank of windows with flower pots on the counter. Immediately beyond the windows was the classroom garden, which Delaney he…

Sorry, I didn't bring the Easy Cheese...

This is Jon. In an effort to make it look good on Mt. St. Helens in August, I headed up Mt. Si Saturday morning. I needed a rude awakening to get me scared enough to work out harder this summer. I got that.
Me looking about 42 years old in front of the trailhead. I took this photo three times and the first picture made me look about 60 so this is an improvement.
Came around the corner and saw the sun peaking through the thick woods. Picture doesn't do it justice.
Only flat part of the climb and this isn't actually part of the trail.
Top of Mt. Si. I've been on top four times now and never has the sun been shining when I was there, but every time it shines about 20 minutes after I leave. Me at the bottom of Mt. Si. I'm really not as happy as the photo would indicate. I was pretty tired. Every time Dad, Jerrod and I go for a climb, we wear our Hard Rock Cafe hats from Mexico City and bring a can of Easy Cheese although we never eat it. Just go with it.

Random photos of May...

This is Jon. Below are some random photos of the month of May...
We've moved some furniture around and now that the love seat is in front of the living room window, the girls will sit on the top and stare out the window. I think it's cute.
Adelyn not only loves dancing, but she loves to flail her head like she's in a music video of an 80s glamour rock hair you can tell from this pic.
Bouncy house. Memorial Day weekend.
The girls and friends at the park during a Head Start Field trip.
Delaney's gift to Brittany for Mother's Day. Very cute smile!
Cutest census worker in Kittitas!
This is my homeboy Henry. I took this picture in my office on his 86th birthday. I've known him for 4+ years now, he lives about three blocks away from my office and comes in two or three times a week to sit and chat over a cup of coffee. You can't tell, but he wears his Wells Fargo hat every day.
Dad's new office. An architectural wonder.
Delaney put this note above Brittany&#…