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More of the great outdoors and fall fun

It's my monthly check in, showing off my girls during the start of fall. Delaney taking a dip at People's Pond, Carey Lakes, whatever you want to call it. While the weather was great, the pond seemed to be extra cold this day. The girls horsing around in their towel cover ups. Best friends forever. It's a blurry photo, but Delaney is always leaning on me like this. It's classic Delaney.........and I love it. Me and B at the Seahawks game. Seattle crushed Dallas in the home opener at Seahawks Stadium. 68,000 fans and I think me, Brittany, Sam and Wendi were the only sober ones there. Sam Thurnau and me. Sam and I rolled with accounting classes back in the day at CWU. He survived them.............I didn't. Luckily our friendship survived the test of me changing majors many times. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Wendi with Sam or Brittany. Every photo either had my finger blocking the picture or me eating in it. Sorry. Me and B after the …