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New do's for school!

The girls are ready to roll for school looking very cute with new hair do's!

Yes, those are 100% natural curls...

I think Delaney wanted it shorter, but we compromised on this length and it looks great!

Taking a dip

We've been trying to enjoy the summer as much as we can and the girls have taken a handful of trips to the pond.

Doing it right. They're owning the water like this.

Delaney is a Brownie!

This is Jon. Delaney has progressed within the Girl Scouts. This past week saw her move from a "Daisy" to a "Brownie," in a bridging ceremony at the scout leader's house. Little sister Adelyn will join the ranks of the Girl Scouts this fall.

Delaney and her friends from Girl Scouts before the bridging ceremony started.

Delaney and her good friend Isabella. Isabella is going into third grade in Ellensburg, the big city.

Proud little accomplishment!

Happy sisters!

Adelyn's new pink paradise!

This is Jon. We're finally getting around to posting pics of Adelyn's "Pink Paradise" room. I will first admit to being a little overwhelmed by the color, but I will also admit that the room is now the cleanest and most organized (which from a parent perspective, makes it the most relaxing) room in the house. No joke.

The girls getting ready to primer the baby blue walls.

Adelyn getting the hang of it...or so we thought, we found evidence of a paint roller gone wild later after finishing up.

This photo is slightly fuzzy, but I thought this was a good look for Adelyn. She's such a cutie.

I am willing to sell this photo to the HD Designs company because you can't pose photos like this any better than what naturally happened here. Adelyn picked out the paint color herself, but hadn't actually seen the paint in the paint can until this exact moment.

The girls painting over the primer. This was very managed here as the girls would've gone kind of crazy with the…

Happy birthday Adelyn!

This is Jon. Adelyn's birthday was Thursday, so we had a family get together that night and a kid birthday party over the weekend. In between, we've started painting her room...but pictures of that will come later once we're done.

This is how we started the day. Both girls were up early with me before I went to work. They stuffed their faces with doughnut holes.

Addy Bear, chillin' with her laptop.

Brittany took the girls to the bouncy houses and Bounce Central. A favorite for the girls.

Delaney was Adelyn's official birthday card reader.

This year, Delaney spent some of her own money on Adelyn's birthday gifts. One of her presents was lip gloss to go along with fingernail polish.

Princess Adelyn during her party with her friends.

Brittany's signature birthday event: the pinata.

The birthday gang, starting to get tuckered out in the afternoon heat. we decided to pull out the water balloons and sprinkler for cheap entertainment.

Adelyn joins the ranks of losing teeth...

This is Jon. It's the day before her fifth birthday and Adelyn decides to start getting all the attention a day earlier with her first lost tooth. She was insanely excited. She called me at work and everything to tell me all about it. Very proud of my girl...and as you can see, she's proud too.

Shooting a round of golf with my girls

This is Jon. Heading down south to play a round of 18 in Yakima with the girls...

Adelyn wasn't quite getting the idea of holding the club the right way. She was more slapping the ball like a hockey puck, which I was actually OK with.

Taking a break in the shade. Mid 90s at around 6 p.m.

My golfing buddy. She looks stunning here.

Delaney, trying to hit in through a jailhouse window.

Cute photo of my girls. The rock tunnel behind them? Not the greatest score on this hole for my wife.

We also had to head inside to the arcade to spend a ton of money on games for some tickets to win prizes that were worth pennies.

Me and Delaney in our go-kart. You'll have to pardon the blurry photo as my wife couldn't keep up with speed racer. I'll have it known that I won the race.

Me and Adelyn in our race. Again the blurry photo signals another win around the track.

Checkered flag and a winning pose. Yep, I drove it like I stole it.

Teaching the girls how to ride bikes...

This is Jon. We're admittedly late to the bike party in our household. This summer has been the first summer in which the girls have taken an interest in the bikes that have been in our backyard for a while.

Adelyn is on her bike plenty. She used to just want to be on her bike when people were watching intently. Now as long as we know she's outside on her bike, she's satisfied.

Delaney's a bit of a different story. She's got the usual nerves or riding a bike, but she's also trying to ride without training wheels. Convincing her to ride with training wheels isn't the easiest thing to do when her friends don't have those.

We're trying to make it work though. Sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating, still memorable.