First day of school for our 1st grader, Delaney!

This is Jon. Today was Delaney's first day of 1st grade. I can't believe how time flies! Yesterday was the open house where she was able to see her room and check out her desk (although Mrs. K and her classroom were right across the hall from her kindergarten class).
Open house the afternoon before school. Delaney was thrilled to check things out. Her desk is right in the front of the classroom.
Good friend Ruby with Delaney. Ruby and her baby sister Lyla are hanging out with us this fall quarter as her mom finishes up her student teaching. I've learned that like my own kids a few years ago babies don't like me.
Delaney's desk, decorated for the first day of school.
Not sure why this is blurry, but it's a great photo of Delaney at breakfast.
Sisters and best friends forever!
Daddy, DRae and Addy!
The ladies getting ready to walk to school...
Excited Delaney right outside of her classroom. I should've taken a picture of Brittany outside of the school at the Parent Group table. Anyone who has been following this blog will remember that Brittany was voted in as President of the club, so she's a pretty big deal.


Nana said…
Oh Delaney, you look so grown up and cute...I'm so glad you love school. These pictures show that you are ready and raring to get to class and get it done...Have a great year in 1st grade !!! Grandma Debbie

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