Takin' the girls to the river and lake

This is Jon. We had a little bit of cabin fever on Sunday morning. Since CWU lost, UW lost, Wazzu lost and the Seahawks were losing, I decided to take a break from football for fear that I was going to go crazy. The girls and I decided to explore. We headed to Lake Cle Elum northwest of the metropolis of Ronald (seriously, about 10 people live there). First we went on a hike along the Cle Elum River to see salmon spawning. Unbelievable. If you consider the work a salmon has to put forth to extend their habitat, it's mind boggling. The girls didn't really understand that aspect, but were able to see quite a few salmon (some where pretty big) struggling against the current. At the start of the hike. Obviously the girls were excited with my education-based guided tour.
My fellow tour guide.
The girls were coming up along the river. At this point you could make out the salmon under the water and could definitely see and hear the splashing against the water. Again, just amazing to watch.
Along parts of the path were signs describing the points of the trail. Years ago before the Cle Elum dam was built, what is now a trail and lush habitat used to be part of the Cle Elum River. Now it is a forested river bed.
At first glance, Brittany is doing her very best Sacajewea with Lewis and Clark pose. I'm not sure why I've come up with that. Seriously, as we watched the river, salmon were all over the place. We tried to stay relatively still and quiet as we could tell the salmon could hear and feel the slightest movement.
One of the countless spawning salmon we discovered.
Daddy, Delaney and my faceless Adelyn. Once again, posing for five seconds is torture for my sweet four year old.
Dynamic duo!
After our hike, we ventured to Lake Cle Elum. Depending on the part of the season, the lake could be right at the edge of the boat launch OR as it was yesterday, about 400 feet from the boat launch. When it's down that low, you can drive on the beach and set up shop there. This lake is pretty amazing. We were the only ones out there and as you can see, the terrain is cut in the mountains. The place is seriously magical, although I could be talking about the people in this photo.
Love these kids!


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