Addy's first day of preschool!

This is Jon. As if we needed another example my two princesses continue to grow up too quickly, Adelyn's first day of preschool was Monday (and Delaney's first day as a first grader last week, see below post). Adelyn was hot and cold on the whole thing in the days leading up to the big day. We adjusted our enthusiasm accordingly, sometimes talking about it, sometimes getting excited about it and other times not discussing it at all...which obviously screwed everything up.

This is the best photo we could get of Adelyn in the front yard before school. She's not much for standing still for photos and definitely had some anxiety about her first day of school. But she looks so cute here.

I wish I could say she was so excited to get to school that she ran to the car jumping in and was rip roaring to go. Nope. She basically locked herself in the car to take refuge from her parents and the reality of going to school.

In classic Adelyn form, if we do get her to sit still for a picture, her face is not just a normal smile.


We brought her backpack with us because she loves wearing it when we take Delaney to school. Today, not so much.

The first 45 minutes or so Adelyn was not having it. Didn't want to sit down with the rest of the class (10 other kids, ranging from 3 to 6). Didn't want us to leave. Didn't want to participate. I was pretty sure the preschool would kick us out and report us to CPS for being bad parents or something. You can see that she was curious here, but again, it took a little time (and luckily we weren't the only parents that stayed behind). After the first hour, she was fine. By the end of the two-hour day, she didn't want to leave. Today at school, she barely said goodbye as Brittany dropped her off, so I guess that means she has friends at school!

Best friends and painting buddies...


Nana said…
Hurray, hurray....Adelyn has started pre "school" don't go worrying about it and I love the pics of she doesn't smile every time but she sure has a unique way of presenting herself and Grandma Debbie loves it!!!

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