Advantage Dirt Contractors learn a few more lessons...

This is Jon. Saturday was the official start of the season for the Kittitas Valley Junior Soccer Association and with two games on the schedule, the Advantage Dirt Contractors were hoping to erase the memory of an 0-3 record from last week's didn't happen. We took another two losses, 4-1 and 4-2.

Cute lil' Delaney in full uniform.

I'm trying to rally the troops before game one. In the background in pink is Matti's little sister. I'm told she's pretty studly athletic and I'm thinking about forging her birth certificate so I can slap on a jersey.

Delaney in action. Matti is clearly in awe, that's why she's not moving. To her right is Jake.

To say Delaney's been difficult and not receptive to my coaching is an understatement. On Tuesday, she was being a bear and I had to remove her from practice, much to the delight of my wonderful wife who had to take her home, kicking and screaming. I was trying to catiously correct her on Saturday and this was the reaction I got. We'll see how Tuesday's practice goes.

This was our team meeting after the second game, which was a loss to ESM Consulting. We scored the first goal and I was dumbfounded on how to coach with a lead! Of course, the wheels started falling off when we scored on our own goal...which is also what we did the week prior in the jamboree. A bit frustrating, but a great shot, so I tried to positively reinforce that one.


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