Tuning up Old Wilson

This is Jon. I've had Old Wilson running off and on, but after Sunday's tune up, I think he's going to be OK for a while. My friend Eric came over and lended his tools and expertise. I brought beer to the table and my wife made mini hamburgers. It was a pretty fair trade.

Delaney has been adamant about her disdain for Old Wilson. She doesn't like the "hunk of junk." However, she might be more curious about the rig than I am. I caught her catching a glimpse of it as we were under the hood.

See what I mean? She didn't realize I was watching her. She won't admit it, but she really has a soft spot in her heart for the truck.

Eric is seen here checking the RPMs on Old Wilson, it ranged anywhere from 1200 to 1700 when idling. By the end of the afternoon, he was sitting at around 1400 consistently. I thought Eric's "Mechanix" gloves were a nice touch.

Me and the timing gun. Awesome tool that I used to use all the time back in the day of tuning up my 1969 VW Bug, the "Beast."

Eric: Messing with the distributor. Jon: Leaning over the engine pretending to be working. Eric: Sweating over a 250-degree engine on a 70 degree day. Jon: Hydrating with a Hank Weinhardts.
Crusing with my girls. Photo credit: Brittany.

Parked with two happy girls!

The happy Guddat Family sitting in the crown jewel.


Tori and Chad said…
You guys are so cute and I'm so glad you're blogging!
Mr.UGF said…
When did you get the truck?

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