Goin' fishin'.........

This is Jon. The little ones and I went to Moses Lake to hang out with Dan McDonald and his two girls, Kate and Ellie. We all went to the fish hatchery outside of town with our bait and poles in hand. This was the first fishing trip for both girls and they learned early on not every trip includes leaving with dinner in hand. The girls had a blast and watched as others successfully cast a line out, but we came up empty handed.

Daddy showing her the ways of fishing...which is ironic since I've fished probably a total of 5 times in my life.

D-Rae all smiles on a great day on the creek.

Addy Bear happily fishing. Not sure if she would've known what to do if she got a bite.

Waiting for action as Ellie's line is in the water.


Dan said…
That was a lot of fun! We'll catch some fish the next go around. Those bastards can't win every time!

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