Easter Sunday with my girls...

This is Jon. My girls were beautiful on Easter Sunday!

The photo is slightly blurry and Delaney is hamming it up, but I love this photo because Adelyn is so content in her sister's grasp and Delaney looks just like her mommy.

So precious!

She looks like a little woman here!

My big, little girl!

The girls took a handful of photos of us, this was the best one of their parents...sorry.

As usual Easter afternoon was spent at Terry and Cheryl Shryack's house in East Valley Yakima. Great food and family conversations which today centered around the exploits of my mother-in-law and her brothers and sisters in school. And like always we spent some time with an Easter egg hunt...I think there are a few that remain in the yard.

Huffin' and puffin' to the next find!

The hair says it all...

Great Uncle Dave and Great Aunt Lisa helping Delaney out.

A more appropriate photo (more appropriate than the last one at least) of the two of us.


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