Daddy takes DRae to third day of school!

This is Jon. I took Monday and Tuesday off (19th for our anniversary, 20th for Delaney's birthday) so I got to experience what it's like getting Delaney ready for school after a weekend. Depending on who you ask..........not fun. Actually the fault probably needs to be squarely placed on me since I was doing things that was taking Delaney out of her element. "Dad! You're getting in my way!" "Dad! That's not how we do it!" As soon as we hit the porch to walk to school, though, Delaney was excited for another full day of school. After our walk to school, I signed her in incorrectly and got in the way of the other kids trying to get into class. I loved every minute of it.

No caption needed here, huh?

Delaney has such long and pretty hair that Brittany has to comb it every morning to get the knots and kinks out. DRae doesn't care for that very much.

This has nothing to do with school, but the girls were dancing the other night and I thought it was cute.


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