Fun Day with the Family at the Park!

Jon's brother Jerrod was in town a few weeks ago and Jon took a day off and we went to visit him. We took the all the cousins for a picnic to the park by the lake which had a really cool big toy shaped like a boat! We started the day by the crows attacking our food and making off with a whole sandwich, which ,of course, Jon kept claiming was going to give us all bird flu! Then the ducks showed up because we had food and we lost all the kids and well a lot of the food because they kept wanting to feed the ducks! The kids had a blast feeding the ducks, watching them swarm the food and then dive for the next piece. Grandpa picked this park especially for the ducks, so he was glad that they showed up. It was a little chilly, but we had a great family day and always love watching the kids play together.


Nana said…
Oh, what fun the park and ducks can be. The girls love so cute!
Delaney hair looks so cute!! Ah my babies are growing.
The Cunninghams said…
Hey guys, Rob Cunningham here. Your kids are so awesome! Cool to connect with you, even after we moved so far away. Gotta hit the hay but I'll catch ya later.

Megs said…
That was such a fun day with you guys and Grampa!! What great memories, especially with those crazy birds!!
BabyAlana said…
Sounds like a fun day!

Look at those teeth!!

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