Curly Sue!

A couple of weeks ago our family was going to the westside to visit Jon's parents and his brother and his family. So Delaney decided she needed to fix her hair special to see Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Sharon and her cousins! So the night before she sat very patiently and let me put soft rollers in her hair. She kept them in her hair all the way to the top of the pass when I finally convinced her to take them out. Her hair turned out beautiful, and she knew it! She was cute posing and bouncing her hair around enjoying the curls bobbing in the air. I love to make her feel special and this was such a simple way to do it and well like I said she's just so darn cute!!!


Jon Guddat said…
Melts Daddy's heart!
Nana said…
Not only Daddy's heart melts but Nana's (Grandma Debbie)got all choked up seeing Cutie Pie Delaney with curly hair! Look at that beautiful smile!

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