Delaney and I made cupcakes

Delaney and I made strawberry cupcakes for her birthday and she had a blast! She is a regular little Betty Crocker. The mix smelled so good she kept just standing there and sniffing it, it was so cute! Delaney loves to crack eggs and add them to bowls and I think we only got a tiny shell in the cupckes. She tried to pour the mix into the pans but just kept getting frustrated because she kept spilling. So I just reminded her how she got to frost them the next day with her friend Megan and she was happy again. She loves to bake with me and is always a big help. Her fave part is when they come out of the oven all hot and risen, she says, "yay!"


Nana said…
Great job Delaney. In a few more years you'll be able to make dinner for Mommy and Daddy!
She is super adorable. Tell her she needs to make Uncle Zachie something so I can see her Betty Crocker skills when I come home for Christmas. How sweet!

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