Rodeo's Columbia River Circuit Finals...

This is Jon. We went to rodeo's Columbia River Circuit Finals in Yakima a couple of weeks ago. Professional rodeo is divided up into 12 circuits around the nation and Washington, Oregon and Northern Idaho is dubbed the Columbia River Circuit, with a year-end championship in November. The last decade and a half has always been in Redmond, Oregon (which is a great drive) but it's certainly easier driving to Yakima. Delaney and I went both days, with Brittany and Adelyn joining us on the final day.
Delaney is my stats girl. She enjoys tracking all the scores and times. This is her watching the bareback event very closely.
This picture proves I'm a writer and not a photographer. This is Ellensburg's Orlun McGuffin in bareback.
Speaking of bareback, this is four-time world champion Bobby Mote. I've always been a big fan of Bobby. He doesn't remember it, but I do when years ago as a very green rodeo reporter I got up enough nerve to ask him a bunch of stupid questions and he took the time to answer every one of them. There's a picture of that interview somewhere and it always reminds me to just ask questions when you don't understand. I've had more than a couple of good interviews with Bobby and many others since then.
Keeping with bareback, this is Steven Peebles. I liken Steven to Bobby in that Bobby is a couple of months older than I am, but when he was Steven's age, he was right on the cusp of dominating bareback riding. I think Steven is right there. He's second in the world standings this year and finished second last year.
Calf roper Blair Burk. This guy has been to 14 National Finals Rodeos in his career. When we posed for a photo with Blair, he made sure the girls got to hold his buckle for winning the average at the circuit finals. Great Oklahoma cowboy.
Delaney with one half of her favorite team roping duo, Brady Minor. The Minor brothers out of Ellensburg nearly won the world championship last year and have positioned themselves to make another run at it this year.
Daddy and one of his cowgirls...


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