Guddats cheer on the Cougars!

This just in: The Washington State Cougar football team isn't very good. But that didn't stop us from road tripping to Pullman to watch the Cougars take on the USC Trojans. For the last couple of years, Adelyn has been enamoured with Wazzu and we as a family have started cheering them on with her. It was low 40s, minus a few degrees from the wind, which pushed the fog and horizontal rain right into our faces: Perfect football weather...for me anyway.
Go Cougars barn, middle of nowhere southeastern Washington.
The girls with Butch the Cougar right outside the stadium.
My girls at kickoff, before we started getting soaked.
Our view from the "cheap" seats. There's really no such thing as cheap in Division I college football, but we found relatively cheap tickets.
Halftime inside. The girls got a bit dry by going back to the inside tailgate party.
The stadium holds 36,000 people, my guess is 25,000 showed up and by the third quarter, probably 12,000 remained since the rain, wind and fog continued to get worse. I had the great idea to sit in a better section, pretty much at the 50-yard line. Relatively few people were around us. Those that did were still in costume from the night before: Santa Claus, a leatherhead football player in a skirt and Princess Leia...who was a dude.
You can't tell, but the field is behind us. The fog was pretty thick by late fourth quarter.


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