Heading up Manastash

You live in the Kittitas Valley, you must travel up Manastash. I took the two girls up a little bit ago when it was still somewhat warm versus this week when we were coming out of single digit temps and a couple of inches of snow. We went up again last weekend as an entire family.
At the trailhead, we found three coyotes in an open field. They were just sunning themselves, although one of them looked like he was tracking something (maybe mice or some other critter).
If you can't tell, the girls were thrilled to see three coyotes. Our district mascot is the Kittitas Coyotes, so we're all pretty much the same.
Me and the young ones...
Dee and Adds...
Family photo halfway up the trail. We decided to turn around here, which was fine, as long as we're enjoying the outdoors...
I got up early and went up today. It had dusted snow on Thursday and snowed off and on during Friday, so I wanted to see what it looked like on the trail. It was chilly and very clear skies. I was hiking as the sun was rising and this is what greeted me at the top.
It was really cool since the snow was untouched. First tracks! Well, first human tracks. I found deer tracks and a few other tracks that I wasn't familiar with, but was thankful the owner of the tracks didn't show itself. I did see a family of deer at the trailhead who didn't seem to care I was nearby.
At the top, there's an old canister which holds a bound pad of paper. People log in at the top. It's been going for years. When the notebook gets filled, someone replaces it and takes the old log to the library. No one really knows who does it, but it's a cool tradition.


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