Mighty Glow Worms end with a win

Well, the soccer season has come to a close for the U7 Co-Ed Glow Worms. Here's a few pictures of the season finale, a dominant 9-3 win. We ended our season with 7 wins, 1 loss and 2 ties. Not bad. Record-wise, my best year in my three-year soccer coaching career...because that's what it's all about, my record.
First things first, a quick photo of Delaney with her final birthday gift from Blue Grandma. As you can see, this 10-year old is proudly displaying pierced ears.
A picture of Delaney's hands with a newt or salamander she found in the wet grass before Adelyn's soccer game. Delaney is infatuated with animals. She loves snakes and slimy things. She says she wants to be a teacher, but maybe something more specific like a biology teacher or something in animal science.
Adelyn and her friend Lauren early in the game.
Adelyn - Always smiling during the game, even on throw-in attempts.
Adelyn, AGAIN SMILING! She's a cutie. She loves to be out there running around.
Adelyn, Lauren and Parker in a defensive stand.
A proud champion.
The girls, helping me mow the backyard one last time. Usually I'm done mowing my late September/early October, but with October being unseasonably warm, the grass needed one more trim. The girls love helping out.


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