Weekend of Winning stalled

This is Jon. Today was a low point of my coaching career. Going into the weekend, the Mid State Co-op Cougars were 5-0 and looking to add two to the win column. Fate had a different game plan. The Cougars suffered a subpar weekend of coaching, earning a tie (4-4) in game one and losing 6-0 in the second half of the doubleheader. I will admit to being frustrated a bit and it showed in my lack of execution of the plan. I've been so focused on making sure we play as a team and pass as much as we can (it still ends up being a mob of 5 and 6 year olds around a ball) that my team was passing up clear shots and easy looks on the goal in order to pass to a teammate! Great job listening to my coaching, that's the silver lining. At the end of the day, the kids are great and I get to hang out with Adelyn on the pitch every Thursday at practice and every Saturday during the game.
Addy and Daddy waiting for our teammates.
Sarah on the left, chilling with Adelyn still lounging in the grass.
Rounding up a portion of the team before game one.
Happy, smiling Adelyn, striding along the soccer field with the wide open fall sky behind her.
You can see Adelyn on the left running to get set to take the throw-in from Byron. Bryson is immediately in front of me. Byron and Bryson, when I'm cheering 'em on (or trying to get them to pay attention to me) I'm always mixing their names together.
Adelyn, Bryson and Byron on the kickoff.
Adelyn and Byron with Teague (little brother of Ryder, probably the best raw player on my team).


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